Should I? (Image Credit: Manuela de Pretis)

Should you consider a Life Coach?

Should I? (Image Credit: Manuela de Pretis)

Should I? (Image Credit: Manuela de Pretis)

Life can be overwhelming. If that statement isn’t true for you, you’re either doing something amazingly right, or exactly the opposite. For the rest of us, there are ways to deal with things. You can seek out professional help with a psychologist, or even talk to a psychiatrist about medication if necessary. But what about the people who don’t quite need that level of help? Maybe you truly are just overwhelmed and need a quick help to get things sorted out and going in the right direction, but there isn’t some deep seeded emotional issue to work through. Or maybe there is and you’re just not ready to go there!

Good news! For the people who would like a little help, but don’t want to see a therapist, there’s another group of people ready to help you get through some of those especially rocky parts of life. These people are called Life Coaches and they can get one through any number of personal issues.

In my head this is a relatively new phenomenon, the Self-Help section that can be found in any bookstore and realize that this must be older than I thought.

  • Rethinking spending habits to be able to get out of debt or create a savings account
  • Focusing interests and strengths to figure out a suitable career path
  • Learning to say yes to things that are healthy and helpful for your life while saying no to things that are not

These are just a sample of the kinds of things that a Life Coach can help you figure out.

Some people think that the idea of a Life Coach is a little hokey. I was one of them, in some ways I still am. But this Spring I tried a course with Ashley of Your Super Awesome Life and I realized that I hadn’t been completely right. Sure, some life coaches are over the top with the feelings and the mushy stuff and if that stuff can get a little over the top and silly if it’s not the right fit for you, but that’s not the only kind of life coach out there!

Some are direct and to the point, which can be exceptionally valuable to the people it would help. The types of Life Coaches can be as diverse as the people seeking – or not seeking but should be – their help. Some have gone through their own life battles and use that as their real-life education to guide their clients; others have degrees in various forms of therapy or social services that give them their background. Depending on the kind of coaching that the client is looking for and the approach that appeals to them, either background can be extremely effective. Some coaches are big time with huge blogs and books, others have a smaller reach, which some people think means that you can get a more personal connection. Either way, finding the right person and having an open mind will make or break whether coaching will benefit you.

Since my experience with Ashley, I have become both more open to the ideas of coaching and more careful about how I look at different Life Coaches. Not all of them offer the kind of coaching that is right for me; if I were to sign up for their services, it might actually make me regress into some old bad habits instead of creating positive ones. What I’m saying is, if you have dismissed Life Coaches in the past, you may want to take another look. Perhaps there is one out there who speaks right to your head in a way that isn’t weird or hokey at all!

So share with us what you think! Have you ever considered using the services of a Life Coach? Is there something specific in your life that you think you’d like to use one for? Is it all just too weird for you and you’re fine just talking to your friends instead?

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