Quirky Item of the Week: Dandelion Wishing Orb Necklace

Dandelion Wishing Orb Necklace (Image Credit: Viper Corara)
Dandelion Wishing Orb Necklace (Image Credit: Viper Corara)

I originally wanted to write this article about a board game until I saw a Facebook post about an adorable necklace available on Etsy.  Although there are a plethora of orb necklaces available online, I think having good wishes hanging around your neck is clever way to keep luck on your side.  I’m sure most of us have memories of childhood where we found a puffy untouched dandelion poking out from the grass that we gladly plucked to wish upon and blew the seeds into the ether.  Recapture that innocence and magic in this quirky yet beautifully designed jewelry line.

Handmade jewelry designer, Viper Corara – based out of Seattle, offers a variety of styles on the orb design including different metals for the chain, pendant versus floating, and/or orb earrings if you so desire.  As for most Etsy sellers, Viper Corara also offers customized designs if you don’t see a style that speaks to you.

Dandelion Wishing Orb Necklace (Image Credit: Viper Corara)
Dandelion Wishing Orb Necklace (Image Credit: Viper Corara)

Personally, I love the silver pendant Dandelion Wishing Orb necklace – I imagine it worn elegantly with a bohemian chic outfit consisting of a loose fitting flowing tank, an open cardigan, skinny jeans, and comfortable flats.  This quirky jewelry item is the perfect addition to any unique wardrobe.  Plus, who doesn’t desire to have an emergency stash of wishing seeds at their disposal?  If you find yourself in desperate need of favorable fate, break open that orb and send your good wishes into the wind and let them do their thing.

The best part, this part fashion statement/part lifesaver necklace only costs $20-$25.00 USD.  A bargain to have the power of the dandelion wishing seeds around your neck or dangling from your earlobes! Check out Viper Corara and the Dandelion Wishing Orb necklace on Etsy and consider bringing the magic to your style.


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BreAna Hansen studied Film & Media Studies at the University of California, Irvine graduating Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa. She won two UCI screenwriting awards while earning her Bachelors and continues to develop screenplays in her free time. BreAna is a member of Women in Film Seattle and the Society for Cinema & Media Studies. She is also the creator and principle writer of A Girl with Glasses, an entertainment blog.

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