Jennifer Aniston and Chris McMillan for Living Proof (Image Credit:

Jennifer Aniston reveals her obsessions, confessions and lessons on her path to a good hair day

Jennifer Aniston and Chris McMillan for Living Proof (Image Credit:

Jennifer Aniston and Chris McMillan for Living Proof (Image Credit:

America’s favorite “friend” Jennifer Aniston stars in a three-part series of videos on the website for Living Proof in which she dishes on her obsessions, confessions, and lessons in her quest to have a good hair day every day. The hair care company, in which Aniston is co-owner, has its roots in science. The co-founders, Dr. Bob Langer, an MIT institute professor, and Dr. Dan Anderson, an MIT associate professor, teamed up with Jon Flint, and Dr. Amir Nashat, partners in the international venture capital firm Polaris Venture Partners, to reformulate the hair care industry. In the web series, Jennifer Aniston explores the lengths to which women go in order to get the hair they most desire. The videos star Aniston herself, as well as a few regular folks who were interviewed on the street, and even feature some of the beauty industry’s top players. Read on as I break down each episode in the series:

Episode 1: Obsessions

In this video, people are asked why hair is so important to women. One woman said it was like our “calling card.” My mother always said that, “your hair is your crown and glory.” Others discussed having “hair envy,” and sizing up other women’s hair in comparison to their own. Celebrity hair stylist, and Aniston’s BFF, Chris McMillan took Aniston on a walk down memory lane, discussing the first time they met, and how “unmanageable” her hair was. They even discussed how he created the legendary ‘Rachel’ haircut and the mass exodus to salons that soon followed as women all around the nation attempted to get the haircut that launched Aniston into fame and created “hair envy” around the globe.

Episode 2: Confessions

In this video, Aniston confessed the everyday stress she puts her hair under with all of the heating, styling and dying that it goes through, leaving her hair unable to “catch up” as she puts it. When people on the street were asked, they discussed the craziest methods they have heard of for bringing health back to their hair including: prenatal vitamins, mayonnaise or egg masks and vinegar rinses! Bobbie Thomas, beauty and style expert said she once knew a woman who would tie weights to the end of her hair in order to help it grow longer! Oh the lengths we women go to for beauty! Executive editor of Allure magazine, Kristin Perrotta said, “The average woman spends $50,000 on hair in their lifetime.” That is a whole lot of money to spend on the road to a good hair day.

Episode 3: Lessons

This video discusses the market for hair care products, and the frustrations felt by millions of women when they try hundreds of shampoos, only for the results to last a couple of weeks to a couple of months at most. According to the scientists over at Living Proof, that is due to the formulations of the hair care products. The oils and silicones “deplete and exhaust your hair,” says Aniston. Dr. Bob Langer and Dr. Dan Anderson have instead used a modern technology and a more scientific approach to give you a product that delivers and gives you “proof in a bottle,” versus “hope in a bottle.” Dr. Dan Anderson said that they “found that what was fundamentally different was that [their formulation] coats the outside of hair and does not let water get in, and it does it in a way that is weightless, and does not act like these oils that can coat the hair, make it sticky, and lead to the accumulation of dirt.” They then proceeded to do a science experiment in which they coated strands of hair with their formulation, and left another strand with the ordinary formulation found in regular shampoos. They simulated an environment similar to the ones we put our hair through everyday, and showed that the untreated strand accumulated a sort of sticky build-up, while the other strand remained soft, silky, and manageable.

Chris McMillian noticed a change in Jennifer Aniston’s strands since she has been using Living Proof, saying her hair was “much better,” and required less work. Aniston noticed that her hair felt “thicker, and better,” and that she now can “have a good hair day everyday.” Apparently Jennifer Aniston is the Living Proof!

Head over to Living Proof to watch the three-part series for yourself today and to find out more about their line of hair care products!



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