Misha Collins with children in Haiti (Image Credit: Random Acts)

The beauty of kindness: A look at Misha Collins’ Random Acts

Misha Collins with children in Haiti (Image Credit: Random Acts)

Misha Collins with children in Haiti (Image Credit: Random Acts)

There’s something inherently beautiful about a random act of kindness, and Supernatural actor Misha Collins has taken that beauty a step further by co-founding the non-profit organization Random Acts.

Now the actual founding of Random Acts is kind of old news. Collins began the whole process with a simple tweet to his minions (A.K.A. Twitter followers) in late 2009, asking for ideas to reach the intended goal of obtaining U.S. government stimulus money to fund non-profit projects. Cue funding changes, idea swaps and a bit of help from co-founder Lisa Walker, and Random Acts was well on its way to changing the world.

Today, that’s the organizations goal. According to its website, Random Acts is “aiming to conquer the world, one random act of kindness at a time.” And whether that’s buying someone who’s down on their luck a meal or helping build a children’s center in Jacmel, Haiti, it’s the beauty of the kindness that matters.

But if Random Acts began to take flight in 2009, why are we talking about it now?

We’re talking about it because it’s important. Today’s society is bombarded with images and words of unrest, pain and loss every time someone turns on the TV or opens the newspaper. And the only way to battle this negativity is with a bit of positivity all our own. As Collins said in a 2010 Huffington Post article, “I actually think that the most efficacious way of making a difference is to lead by example, and doing random acts of kindness is setting a very good example of how to behave in the world. While it seems small, it can ultimately be somewhat profound in various people’s lives.”

And the organization has made a huge impact on the lives of many. Bicycles and safety helmets have been given away, a used car found a home with a family suffering through the illness of a child and a wounded veteran and his family in need of a fresh start will be receiving a wonderful welcome into their new home.

So how can you get involved?

Random Acts hosts several events throughout the year that allow any person to participate and spread the kindness. Two of the biggies include:

Misha Collins with Random Acts in Haiti (Image Credit: Random Acts)

Misha Collins with Random Acts in Haiti (Image Credit: Random Acts)

Endure4Kindness (E4K): A weekend global endurance event, E4K encourages participants to pick an activity that can be done for as long as possible during a 24-hour period and then ask family, friends and community members to pledge money towards the activity. The longer the participant does the activity, the more money they’ll raise. This years event will take place Nov. 2-3, and anyone interested in participating can find more information here.

Annual Melee of Kindness (AMOK): AMOK is a global day of kindness. It’s really that simple. The event encourages participants to spend one day of the year performing random acts of kindness for the people in their communities. AMOK is all about positivity and impacting others lives in wonderfully creative ways. Participants are encouraged to record their acts, whether through video or photo, and share with the rest of the world. The 2013 AMOK event has already passed, but a 2014 event will surely be right around the corner.

And if you’re not into large group events, you can always simply perform your own random act of kindness and record it with Random Acts, because that’s the whole point of the organization. The kindness of a few can lift the lives of many. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

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