Ben Affleck (Image Credit: Elen Nivrae)

Yes, Ben Affleck is Batman, but don’t freak out.

Ben Affleck (Image Credit: Elen Nivrae)

Ben Affleck (Image Credit: Elen Nivrae)

If you haven’t heard the explosive news already, late last night Warner Bros. revealed that Ben Affleck (Argo) would be taking on the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Batman vs. Summer flick opening July 17, 2015. And everyone is freaking out.

Although I recently wrote a piece for The Daily Quirk naming the top 5 actors who should play Batman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie , and Ben Affleck wasn’t mentioned, I’m not upset. Surprised? Yes. But not upset. And here’s why: in cases like this, I think everyone has a certain actor (or actress) they’d like to see take on a role that has been coveted by society for years. So, naturally there are going to be some outcries when the actor or actress they had in mind is not the choice made by the filmmakers– not everyone gets what they want. This decision shows that the (experienced) filmmakers have chosen Affleck to be their interpretation of The Dark Knight, just as Christian Bale was chosen for director Christopher Nolan’s (brilliant) interpretation of the character and saga.

Similar controversial buzz was seen when Anne Hathaway was announced to play Catwoman in last summer’s The Dark Knight Rises. The filmmakers molded the role and Hathaway was a nice fit – she did a fine job! People jump to conclusions way too quickly (it hasn’t even been 24 hours!) and basically, until we see the film, we won’t know just how good of a Batman Affleck can be. After taking a deep breath and ruminating over it, I think Warner Bros. and director Zach Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer have made an interesting decision.

Sure, 2003’s Daredevil wasn’t a critical success, but I think with his past work, 41-year-old Affleck makes a fine leading man and could be capable of taking on that weathered persona that the filmmakers have in mind for Bats. They specifically wanted someone who could counter Henry Cavill’s young and relatively inexperienced Superman – Affleck certainly has the charisma, which is basically a requirement of billionaire Wayne, so we’re covered there. But it’s going to be quite an adjustment seeing him in the Batsuit and possibly donning the now infamous Batman speak coined by former Batman Christian Bale. So, Affleck has big shoes to fill. But, the man has been in the industry for a long time, and I think people need to remember that. The filmmakers have a vision/interpretation/role for Affleck in mind and they will do their best to make him fit that role.

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