Removing Makeup (Image Credit: Wavebreak Media)

The Best Ways to Remove Makeup

Removing Makeup (Image Credit: Wavebreak Media)

Removing Makeup (Image Credit: Wavebreak Media)

Sure, makeup can make us look radiant and liven up our appearances. During the day. we may even feel our confidence boosted as we stroll around with the different looks makeup allows us to create. Everything about makeup just seems so amazing, huh? Except for when it comes time to remove said makeup. Sometimes we just get so lazy and decide to skip removing it all together. If there is one thing no one can deny, it’s that sometimes sleeping with your makeup on is so much easier than going through the tedious process of removing it. You wake up the next morning and your makeup has smeared on your face, making it easier to rinse off. Easy solution, right? Wrong. Very wrong, actually.

Leaving makeup on your face for an extended period of time will do nothing good for you, but instead harm your skin by clogging your pores. Clogged pores mean frequent breakouts and no one likes those. Fortunately, there are makeup removal solutions out there that are so much simpler than going to bed with layers of makeup on.

Makeup Removal Wipes

A personal favorite of mine, makeup removal wipes make the process of removing your makeup so simple that you don’t even have to think about it. Not only do most wipes effectively remove makeup, dirt and oil, but they’re kind of fun to use as well. The moistness of the wipes actually serves to refresh your skin and leave it tingling with freshness. A personal favorite of mine is Yes to Grapefruit wipes. The citrusy scent also serves to wake me up in the morning! The best part is that these wipes cost a mere $5 USD!

Facial Cleansers

Even after you have wiped your face off with a makeup removal wipe, chances are there are still traces of dirt and makeup left behind. The best way to make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed is to wash it right after wiping your makeup off. Sure, it may seem like an extra step you could afford to skip, but the reality is, makeup wipes will only remove what is on the immediate surface of your face. To get real pore-cleansing action, the best way direction to head in is washing your face as well. I personally enjoy Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser. It has a non-soapy texture and the cotton extract leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. At $10 USD, it is a relatively inexpensive choice that will leave your skin refreshed without the harshness.

Waterproof & Long Lasting Makeup Removers

If you’re using waterproof cosmetics or products meant to last 8-24 hours, you may need to consider a specialized cleanser to get your face makeup free. At $25 USD, Bobbi Brown Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover may seem a bit pricey, but it’s a great all over face makeup remover that doesn’t require any scrubbing. Another great product is Rimmel London Gentle Eye Make Up Remover, It only costs about $6 USD and removes waterproof eye makeup without irritating the sensitive skin around the eye or leaving an oily residue,

On the spot

Everyone makes a makeup “opps” every now and then. A great way to remove that shadow that just doesn’t match the rest of your look or clean up that mascara smudge without having to remove all your makeup and start over is by using bareMinerals On-The-Spot Makeup Remover swab, $5 USD. These swabs are great for correcting errors, changing over from a day to night eye look quickly, and great for removing eye makeup while traveling.

These are just few of the great products out there available for removing your makeup. Of course there are plenty of other effective ones out there, however, these are the methods I use and they work very well for me. Next time you’re feeling hesitant about taking your makeup off before going to bed, just remember you might wake up covered in breakouts!


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