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The 5 Must Have Cosmetic Brushes


Makeuo Brushes (Image Credit: Nanshy)

Makeup is more than just something most of us women decide to do in the morning- it is quite the art. So why would you do your makeup without the right brushes? To create the perfect look every time, it is important to have the right arsenal of brushes in your makeup bag. I break down the five most important makeup brushes below so you can create a flawless face every morning!

A big, fluffy powder brush

No base is complete without a nice layer of powder. Whether you choose to use only powder foundation or you layer translucent powder over liquid; a big powder brush is a must! Having a big enough brush will help you evenly disperse the powder and make sure you hit every crevice so it is not blotchy.

Foundation brush

I’ll share a secret with you- I don’t use a foundation brush for foundation! I love using a foundation brush as a highlighter brush.  Nothing else hits the top of your cheekbone as perfect as a foundation brush does. Also use it to contour the inside of the bridge of your nose.

A tapered eye shadow brush

This type of brush can do dual work if you’re someone who doesn’t like to carry more brushes than you absolutely need to. It works fine as an overall eye shadow brush and does the perfect job of filling in your crease. Just be sure to tap off all of the base color before starting on the crease color. The tapered (cone like) shape fits perfectly in the crease and will make defining your eye super simple.

An eyebrow brush

Yet another brush I utilize for something other than its intended use. An eyebrow brush is perfect for styling your eyelashes! Use the comb side to get rid of any pesky clumps and the brush side to add volume. Even if using a sub-par mascara, your eyelashes will look superb!

Fan brush

Nothing ruins a look more than the pesky under-eye fallout. Using a Kleenex or sponge to dab it off generally only shoves it into your skin even more- a definite look killer. Avoid having shimmer and color where you don’t want it by always using a fan brush to sweep underneath the eyes. You will be amazed how well it works if you have not used this brush before.

By adding these five brushes to your makeup kit, you will be able to create a great look every time you do your makeup. Avoid fallout, get your powder even and make your lashes look great simply by using the right tools.


Image courtesy of Nanshy