Makeuo Brushes (Image Credit: Nanshy)

The 5 Must Have Cosmetic Brushes

Makeuo Brushes (Image Credit: Nanshy)

Makeuo Brushes (Image Credit: Nanshy)

Makeup is more than just something most of us women decide to do in the morning- it is quite the art. So why would you do your makeup without the right brushes? To create the perfect look every time, it is important to have the right arsenal of brushes in your makeup bag. I break down the five most important makeup brushes below so you can create a flawless face every morning! Continue reading


Beauty: Do-It-Yourself Makeup Brush Cleaner!

Brushes (Image Credit: Tezarah Wilkins)

Like most girls, I use makeup everyday; if not twice, depending on the day. This, in turn, leads me to always using my makeup brushes! When you think about how often and where those brushes go, I feel I should be cleaning them as often as I wash my face, but I feel I can speak for most people when I say, I do not clean them anywhere near as often as I clean my room! I have used the wipes that can be pretty pricey. They range from $10-$15 with about 15-20 wipes, averaging about a $1 a wipe. Sure, they are a quick fix, but I feel they never get them as clean as they were when I bought them.

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