Running (Image Credit: Lululemon Athletica)

5 Ways to Boost Your Fitness Routine

Running (Image Credit: Lululemon Athletica)

Running (Image Credit: Lululemon Athletica)

September is dawning on us. For many this means the back-to-school season is upon us, even those who are well out of education often use the month of September as a reason to rejuvenate. Cheesy alliterations aside, I personally love an excuse to start everything up again and push myself harder with my goals. Sometimes with all of the enjoyment summer brings with it, it can be really easy to lose motivation and relax one’s routine (which is definitely needed from time to time), so why not use the start of the fall season to give your own fitness routine a boost back into gear?

Remind yourself why you want to exercise in the first place.

When you’ve been on vacation, and you’ve relaxed, and let your normal routine slip, it can be very easy to forget why you had a fitness routine set up in the first place. Take some time to remember your reasons, maybe even write yourself a list, and take a look at it every day to get yourself motivated again and raring to go.

Try something new.

If your routine is leaving you uninspired and you feel like you are somewhat lacking in drive to work out, why not try out a new activity. Maybe try out that hot yoga class you’ve been meaning to attend, or that squash session with your friends? Anything that gets you enjoying exercise again is great.

Up the intensity.

If you are trying to improve your strength, or your stamina, of if you are trying to lose weight, sometimes you find yourself hitting a plateau. If this is you then the key is upping the intensity of your workout. High intensity interval training (HIIT) gives you all the benefits of a full workout in a much shorter period of time which is great if you are struggling to commit to your usual routine in the fall.

Get Walking.

Something many people don’t think to do more of is walk. Walking is a fantastic way to be more active in a simple and relaxing way; it puts very little stress on the body and it can have a really positive impact on your well-being.

Enlist the help of a friend.

We all know that friends can be a hindrance to our fitness goals when they try to persuade you that eating those fries is fine, or that three beers don’t count because they’re liquid calories… But if you have a friend who is equally invested in a fitness routine then they can be a great help when it comes to boosting your fitness. So why not schedule a session with a healthy friend and use their motivation to motivate yourself.

Getting back into exercise after a lapse should be easy, don’t beat yourself up about any lack of progress, just get out there and be active again. You don’t need it to be Monday, or the first day of the month, any day you decide to kick-start your fitness routine is a good day!


Image courtesy of lululemon athletica

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