This Week’s Quirky Playlist 09/08/2013

This Week’s Quirky Playlist 09082013

Wondering what we’ve been listening to? Check out This Week’s Quirky Playlist for music recommendations from The Daily Quirk Bloggers. Listen to the Entire Playlist on the new  Daily Quirk Spotify Channel or check out individual songs via the links below. Happy Listening!

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The Mowgli’s – San Francisco (from BreAna H)

BOY – Little Numbers (from Jennifer L)

Weezer – My Best Friend (from Abbie R)

The Bangles – Walk Like an Egyptian (from Dakota S)

Head Like A Kite – Words of a Friend (from Kali O)

Lorde – Tennis Court (from Justine B)

Walk the Moon – anywayican (from Britney R)

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars (from Chelsie G)

The Wombats – Techno Fan (from Holly S)

Tu Fawning – Blood Stains (from Lotte P)

Backstreet Boys – Soldier (from Mallory W)

Bastille – Pompeii (from Austin M)

Skyler Stonestreet – A Little Taste (from Casey G)

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (from Ashley G)

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