Getting the most out of Pinterest!

The Daily Quirk Boards on Pinterest (Image Credit: The Daily Quirk)

The Daily Quirk Boards on Pinterest (Image Credit: The Daily Quirk)

Much to the delight of fashonistas, DIYers, mom crafters, wedding planners (and wishers), adventurous home chefs and many other types of people, Pinterest has caught hold since its debut in March of 2010 and seems to be here for at least a little while. I remember what it was like in the beginning, when invitations were rolled out slowly and it was exciting when you got your email. Then it seemed that it was simply this beautiful place, boards were like collages of inspiration for anything you could want.

Just pretty pictures? Got it.

Great recipes you never would have thought of? Got it.

Amazing outfits that you may not have considered putting together? Totally there!

All of those things are still there, but something happened along the way. Links started to go directly to pictures and not to source material, thinspiration boards became a thing, people started pinning things as though they were saving everything they could to come back to check out instead of sharing the best of the best, which they would definitely remember and come back to for reference.

A lot of people who had loved the site became a bit disenfranchised with it and those who hadn’t played with it yet were understandably intimidated. If you’ve lost some of your love for Pinterest or if you’ve been thinking about checking it out, here are some helpful tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience.

Click through to the source page before sharing a pin.

Yes, it can be very tempting to just repin something that you see a friend post or that’s on the popular feed, but often times those beautiful plates of food end up being pictures only instead of the recipe you were hoping for. That cute outfit is really just a picture and not a link to buy any of the clothes. It’s easy to avoid this by simply taking a moment to click through and make sure the source material is there. Even if you’re in a hurry, isn’t it better to click through and pin one good link rather than come back later to find that the 3 things you shared don’t actually go anywhere?

Use the “Popular” feed for some new inspiration.

Sure, there’s going to be a lot there that you’re not interested in, for me it’s the wedding and thinspiration posts, for you it might be things like DIY crafts and tattoo ideas, but overall there will be new things to check out that the boards you follow may not be paying attention to! I used to do this with the Everything feed, but there was a lot more there that I wasn’t interested in. I have a lot more confidence in the popular feed.

Unfollow and follow individual boards, not the whole user!

One thing I love about browsing the Popular pins is sometimes clicking through to the board that a pin I like is on and seeing what else the pinner has shared. Occasionally I like enough of the board that I go ahead and follow it. I used to follow the user, but I’ve found that I often don’t want to see all of their boards, just the one.

Conversely, I have some friends who I love about 85% of their pins, but they have one or two boards that I simply have no interest in. Once I realized I could still follow the stuff I like, but get rid of the stuff I didn’t, Pinterest was a much happier place. Just click through to that particular board and click the button near the top that says Unfollow. The only way you would unfollow the whole user is to go to their profile and click, “Unfollow All.”

Use boards like you would a physical bulletin board.

These boards are intended for you to go back and look at them, so make sure that you do! Not sure what to make for dinner when your parents come over? I bet you pinned a simple but impressive recipe that would work for that! Need a change in your wardrobe but don’t know what you want? Well what outfits have you been pinning? Making a DIY art project and need a killer quote? Even if you don’t have a quote board, you probably have a friend who does, go take a look!

I like to look over my recipe boards before friends come into town or even just before I plan a trip to the grocery store. It’s how I recently got into spaghetti squash and I could not be happier about it! What hidden gems have you pinned and since ignored?

Do you have any other tips to get the most out of Pinterest? I love the site and am always looking for new features, what might I have overlooked? And don’t forget to follow The Daily Quirk on Pinterest to pin and share all the latest articles!

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