Fall Fun (Image Credit: Maridav)

5 Ways to Have Fun This Fall!

Fall Fun (Image Credit: Maridav)

Fall Fun (Image Credit: Maridav)

Sweaters, football, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Halloween, crunchy leaves and chilly days – what’s not to love about fall? Even though it is a beautiful time of year, summer lovers may find themselves stumped when it comes to planning activities as the brisk air and early darkness ushers its way in. No worries, though. There is fun aplenty to be had this fall!

Join in the Halloween festivities at a local amusement park.

Six Flags, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and Knott’s Berry Farm are among many parks known for their wicked Halloween celebrations. Offering haunted houses, hayrides and live shows, the atmosphere of amusement park Halloween festivals will surely put you in a morbid mood (in a good way).

Orchard (Image Credit: Jeff Kubina)

Orchard (Image Credit: Jeff Kubina)

Visit an apple orchard.

For those looking to go on an outdoor autumn adventure, apple picking is a great way to spend a day. It is the perfect activity to do with a group of friends or to enjoy with family. Not only will you enjoy the crisp weather, but you’ll also get some fresh fruit to take home. Psst… apple cider and apple pie is often offered at orchards as well, if plain old apples don’t do it for you.

Have a scary movie marathon.

When an opportunity presents itself to have a movie marathon, you should take it. With Halloween quickly approaching, now is the perfect time for a good old-fashioned fright night. There’s nothing better than popping some popcorn and snuggling up on the sofa with loved ones to get spooked. Whether you’re a fan of zombie flicks or if The Nightmare Before Christmas is more your speed (hey, there’s no shame in watching a singing skeleton), it never hurts to chill out with some movies every now and then.

Carved Pumpkins (Image Credit: Valentina Powers)

Carved Pumpkins (Image Credit: Valentina Powers)

Step up your pumpkin carving skills.

Cutting out two triangles for eyes and a jagged, toothy grin doesn’t cut it anymore when it comes to pumpkin carving. Seriously, have you seen the pumpkin insanity on Pinterest lately? If you’re feeling bad about your carving abilities, visiting that site certainly will not help. However, if you’re up for the challenge, take a look around the net to get inspired by crazy, adorable and sometimes downright terrifying carving ideas. Dare to have the best looking pumpkins on your street.

Get baking!

Cooler months invite warm comfort foods back into our homes after a salad-filled summer. Pumpkin bread, apple strudel and cranberry muffins are just some of the delectable treats that are now in season. Not much of a baker? Hey, it never hurts to make a request to someone who does like to bake!

Fall is a season filled with fun activities, if you simply know where to look. If you’re looking for some thrills, need some downtime at home or just want to take in the great outdoors, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.


Images within the article courtesy of Jeff Kubina and Valentina Powers
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