Scrabble Coaster Set (Image Credit: Fred Flare)

Quirky Item of the Week: Scrabble Coaster Set

Scrabble Coaster Set (Image Credit: Fred Flare)

Scrabble Coaster Set (Image Credit: Fred Flare)

For the word lovers of the world, no better game exists than Scrabble. “It enhances your vocabulary and it’s fun!” I explain to those I wish to convert into Scrabblers. Perhaps this sounds nerdy, but it saddens me that in the age of technology, the amount of games that enhance one’s IQ rather than lowering it has dwindled significantly. I certainly love a good mind-numbing videogame, but nothing trumps Scrabble.

Another thing about word lovers – we sure do love our hot drinks (writers throughout history have also been known to love alcohol, but we won’t go there.) Pop into a café at any given moment and there is a 99 percent chance you will see someone curled up with a book or madly typing away on their laptop, a drink with a confusingly complicated name sitting close by.

This is why, as a lover of words, Scrabble, and coffee, I find this Scrabble Coaster Set from FredFlare to be pretty darn awesome. You can pick up the nerd-tastic coasters for a friend (the holiday season is frighteningly close, after all) or treat yourself if you’re the biggest logophile you know. They add a lot of personality to the coffee table – far more than, say, those coasters you’ve been stealing from Applebee’s for the last ten years.

Playful and adorkable, the Scrabble Coaster Set will definitely make a nice addition to someone’s home. Everyone needs a Triple Word Score to brighten their day every once in a while!

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