TRUE BLOOD (Image Credit: HBO)

Confessions of a Truebie: My journey through the 5 stages of grief after hearing ‘True Blood’ will be meeting the ‘true death’

TRUE BLOOD (Image Credit: HBO)

TRUE BLOOD (Image Credit: HBO)

It was announced recently that Season 7 of HBO’s mega hit True Blood would be its last. Me and my fellow ‘truebies,’ one of the clever monikers for fans of the show, have been faithfully following the series every summer for six seasons now, and I know I am not alone in my love for the town of Bon Temps, Louisiana and all of its supernatural residents. Upon hearing that we only have one more summer to slip into the fantasy world of Bon Temps, I found myself going in a state of bewilderment. Join me as I recollect my journey through the five stages of grief and know that you are not alone on this journey:

Stage One: Denial and Isolation

I will admit it, when I first heard the announcement that Season 7 will be the last season, I needed a moment to process. I could not believe it that after the way Season 6 ended, that I would only have one more season to revel in the sexiness of the vampires that did not sparkle like a diamond in the sunlight, and the hot werewolves that did not don denim cut-offs. At first, I denied it. This could not be possible. There are legions of fans tuning in every Sunday making it “a defining show for HBO,” according to Michael Lombardo, the president of HBO Programming. How could it end after just seven seasons?! Needless to say, I took a few days to myself, seeking solace in a pint (or two) of my fav ice cream, and re-living a few of my favorite moments from the show. Sadly, after the summer of 2014, all I will be left with is my fond memories of the show, and the hope that my fav episodes will be streaming on Netflix.

Stage Two: Anger

As the denial and isolation wore off and reality re-emerged, I found myself facing the very real emotion of rage. I found that I would snap at my family members and friends for no reason, my patience wore thin and every time I was behind the wheel I experienced an episode of road rage. It became a real problem. I was on a short fuse, and I needed to get help before I really snapped. It took me a little while, and a few hours of re-watching past seasons of True Blood, before I realized the connection. I only snapped out of it when I ate a Snickers, because I get really angry when I can’t have my True Blood.

Stage Three: Bargaining

At this point, I felt helpless and a little vulnerable, and I felt like I needed to regain control. I found myself pondering ways to convince the people in charge at HBO to keep my favorite show going. After all, my summers would not be the same without this show! ‘Maybe I can start a petition to keep the show going. That’ll show ‘em!’ ‘If I can just get a meeting with the producers, I can convince them to keep it going!’ Of course, I was delusional (and banned from ever calling HBO again).

Stage Four: Depression

Feeling disillusioned and a little bit abandoned, I sunk into a self-pitying episode of depression. Now, it wasn’t clinically diagnosed or anything, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I was feeling. I started to picture a life without Eric Northman, and Alcide, Jason or even Bill, and the more I started to think about it, the more the blues took over. I couldn’t eat;. I couldn’t sleep. I was heartbroken and the only thing that could fix it was watching more True Blood. It turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.

Step Five: Acceptance

This is a stage of grief that is a gift that not everyone gets. The unexpected announcement that True Blood would be ending certainly sent me into a downward spiral. But I am glad to say that I have made it out unscathed and that, while my summer nights won’t be spent curled up by the TV fantasizing that I’m in Sookie Stackhouse’s shoes, I am here to tell you, my fellow “truebies,” that we will make it through. Coping with this loss is deeply personal, but know that I understand the emotions you are feeling, and we can get through this together and comfort each other through this difficult process.
So “treubies,” while Bon Temps and all of its supernatural residents and humans alike, will always have our hearts, let us revel in the beauty that is True Blood and hold our hopes high that they will end Season 7 with a bang, cementing its place in history as a classic series that forever changed our summer seasons and revolutionized the way we look at relationships between the human world and the supernatural one.



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