The Cast of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (Image Credit: Jill Greenberg)

5 Reasons to be excited for ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season Two!

The Cast of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (Image Credit: Jill Greenberg)

The Cast of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (Image Credit: Jill Greenberg)

The Netflix original series Orange is the New Black has been the talk of the town since it first aired early in the summer of this year! The show follows Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), an ex-lesbian (well not quite) drug smuggler who enters a women’s correction facility for a year. While doing hard time she becomes well acquainted with some of the prison’s finest criminals such as a red-haired Russian mob wife, an immoral nun (who knew those existed) and a transgender woman, among many others. As audiences get geared up for the series’ second season, there are a number of things to get excited for!

RIP Pennsatucky?

To any of those who have watched the season before, Taryn Manning’s character, Pennsatucky, instantly became a fan favorite. The wide-eyed meth head, Jesus-lover with rotten teeth, a band of criminal followers and a true belief that she was chosen by the Lord himself to heal anyone definitely became one of the most compelling characters to watch and had us sitting at the edge of our seats wanting more. Towards the closing of the first season, Pennsatucky had declared war against Chapman, feeding off one of the funniest and not-so holy lines of the show, “She disrespected me. I’ll have to kill her.” In a brawl outside of the jailhouse, Chapman presumably had killed Pennsatucky, leaving us all with the question of whether Manning would return to the show. While it looked like Chapman was beating the living day out of the girl, let’s hope that Pennsatucky’s faith will allow her to see another day or another season.

Added Time for Chapman

Speaking of the whole incident that ended the season, you have to wonder if it means anything for Chapman. Originally, her time only consisted of a year, but that’s on the assumption she would be on her best behavior. Unfortunately, Chapman isn’t going to leave out the same deer-faced princess she came in as. In addition, seeing how Mr. Healy hates her and stood down as he saw the battle between her and Pennsatucky unfold before him, he has a lot to lose, which is reason for him to cover his back and take Chapman further down. In that case, it might mean she will be seeing the inside of the prison for much longer than expected.

Jailhouse Baby

As if the individual stories of how the women got to jail in the first place or the relationships on the inside didn’t pack the plot a little thicker, the dynamic of a baby being conceived between an inmate and a prison guard definitely did it. After the really pregnant Daya conspired with the Latina jailhousers and Red to get Mendez thrown out, we were still left with loads of questions. What is going to happen to the baby? Would the prison find out what really happened? And finally, what would come of the small obsession Mendez had developed in a matter of two episodes? Regardless if the new season opens with Daya showing a big belly beneath her orange jumpsuit or still concealing her secret, it’ll be interesting to see the mini-drama unfold.

Who gets the girl?

Arguably, no good show goes without some kind of love triangle. Even better, no good show goes without a love triangle involving American Pie’s Jason Biggs, a lesbian drug dealer (Laura Prepon from That 70s Show) and an oh-so confused Chapman. After Chapman and ex lover Vause end up in prison together they start to rekindle the flame, leaving Chapman’s fiancé Larry high and dry. At the end of the season, both Vause and Larry leave Chapman, but there is a pretty good chance that this isn’t the last of the trio. Everyone loves a happy ending, so it’s only right that some one gets the girl.


The last reason to get excited for the new season is kind of up for grabs, but most of us would be interested in going a little further into the backstory of Suzanne, better known as Crazy Eyes. The first season revealed a couple of small details like her wealthy adoptive parents. But hopefully in the new season it will take us back in time explaining, how and why she didn’t stay in the mental facility given her unique instabilities.

There are plenty more reasons to get excited for the second season of Orange is the New Black. There are tons of back stories that need to be explored further including Sophia, Black Cindy and even Taystee. Regardless of what character or relationship will spark your interest the most, gear up for another wild walk through the prison hallways. The official premiere date has not been released, however the series has plans to air some time in 2014.

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