Book Review: Confessions: The Private School Murders by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Confessions The Private School Murders (Image Credit: James Paterson and Maxine Paetro)
Confessions The Private School Murders (Image Credit: James Paterson and Maxine Paetro)

James Patterson, no stranger to the world of murder mysteries, has once again teamed up with Maxine Paetro to bring readers the sequel to their #1 New York Times bestselling novel Confessions of a Murder Suspect to life in Confessions: The Private School Murders. And the ride is no less thrilling.

Tandy Angel , still reeling from her parents’ recent joint-suicide, has a lot on her plate. Her brother Matthew is on trial for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend, actress Tamara Gee (who was having an affair with their father), she’s starting to remember just how her first love James Rampling (son of Royal Rampling, the man suing her family for everything they own) was brutally taken away from her and she’s starting to truly feel again, thanks to her lack of a prescription cocktail given to her by her now-deceased parents.

As if that weren’t stressful enough, now wealthy young women are being murdered around every corner and the cops are getting nowhere fast. Tandy’s determined to catch the killer, and save her brother, before it’s too late. But can she really solve every mystery before time runs out?

Patterson’s short chapters mixed with his compelling writing make the novel not only a quick read, but also an incredibly captivating one. Readers can use their detective skills right along with Tandy to try and flush out the killer as the story progresses, but small clues together as the words fly by. But if clue-hunting isn’t really your thing, maybe a love story is? Tandy’s determination to discover what happened to James a year ago is just as big of a mystery, one that will leave the romantics-at-heart crying out for more.

Confessions of a Murder Suspect (Image Credit: James Paterson and Maxine Paetro)
Confessions of a Murder Suspect (Image Credit: James Paterson and Maxine Paetro)

Confessions: The Private School Murders also introduces a new character or two, like Jacob, the Angels’ mysterious new guardian with a shadowed past. Is he friend or foe? It’s a question that can be asked for quite some time. Also introduced is C.P., a classmate of Tandy’s and first real interaction we see our young heroine make outside of her brothers. The new faces are a refreshing mix to the story, reminding readers that there is still a very real world outside of The Dakota.

So, yes, the Angel family is still as loveable and out-of-the-box in this novel as they were in Confessions of a Murder Suspect. But there is also a new depth added to the unit that really brings home how delightfully human the kids still are, despite their super-skills and luxurious upbringing.

Confessions: The Private School Murdersis definitely worth the read, and don’t forget that there’s often a twist around every corner.

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