Spoonful of Granola (Image Credit: Kelly Patton)

The Pitfalls of ‘Healthy’ Foods

Spoonful of Granola (Image Credit: Kelly Patton)

Spoonful of Granola (Image Credit: Kelly Patton)

In the world of healthy living there is much to confuse us, our article on fitness myths helped to undo some of the mystification around the message given to us about exercising. This article will hopefully go some way towards making healthy eating choices that little bit easier! The media often gives out all sorts of messages about the supposedly healthy foods, or even what are referred to as super foods, which we should all eat in order to be in good shape and be healthy. However, sometimes these foods are not as healthy as they may seem and sugar is usually the main culprit. Sugar in many ways is becoming an increasing issue in the obesity crisis in the western world and many of the healthy foods that we are sold by the media have a higher content than is healthy. Here are a few of those foods which we need to keep an eye on…

Low-fat yogurts

One of the most common pitfalls in healthy eating is the low-fat phenomena. Obviously many people, particularly those attempting to lose weight, opt to eat foods that are low in fat. However with certain dairy products, this can often be a mistake. In order to maintain a tasty flavour in yogurt the sugar content gets raised and a diet high in sugar will lead to weight gain and other health issues. Some fat is actually important in a balanced diet so even if you are trying to lose weight, go for a full-fat option.

Dried fruit and nuts

There is a similar issue here as the low-fat yogurts. Dried fruit has a high sugar content. Additionally, nuts are high in calories and fat so whilst in a small amount dried fruit and nuts make a good choice for a high energy snack, it is important to make sure you don’t eat too much of them.


High sugar content is definitely a reoccurring issue with supposedly healthy foods and granola is no different. Although it will often have a high fiber content, which is of course healthy, it is worth checking the nutritional information when picking a granola.

Red wine

The liquid diet is clearly not one to advocate, however the media is always putting out the message that a glass of red wine is healthy, that it is good for your heart etc. However, red wine is actually quite high in calories and people can quite easily become dependent on alcohol. Therefore whilst there is nothing wrong with enjoying a glass a few nights a week, avoid drinking alcohol everyday and definitely avoid binge drinking.

None of the foods on this list are inherently unhealthy however their nutritional positives do not always outweigh their negatives. It is important to watch the sugar content of your food as well as making sure you are not fooled by food which seems healthy but is particularly high in calories. As long as you keep your sugar intake in check, a balanced diet will insure you are eating and living healthily, even with the odd glass of vino!


Image courtesy of Kelly Patton

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