Trendy iPad Cases to Fit Your Personality

iPad Cases

The last time I went to Disney World, a funny thing happened: instead of pulling out tiny digital cameras and itty-bitty camera phones, tourists could be seen whipping out not-so-little iPads to take pictures of Cinderella’s Castle. The first thought I had about this was, “Stop blocking my view with that big ol’ thing!”  What this really made me realize, though, is that iPads have become an integral piece of technology, just like digital cameras and cell phones.

With the iPad now a go-to device in regular life, it can be fun to slip them into cases to fit our personalities. Here are a few ideas for those who want to make sure their iPad cases a reflection of themselves.

1.  The Fashionista

You don’t need to be an expert in fashion to have noticed that cheetah print is very in this year. This iPad case is a double whammy in trendiness, combining cheetah print with the current envelope clutch craze. It is perfect for the girl who is always in the know with fashion (or just likes cheetahs).

2. The Nerd

When I say nerd, what I mean is “super awesome person with excellent taste.” The sci-fi lovers of the world will undoubtedly go crazy for this TARDIS iPad case. Pick up one of these and you’ll most definitely be the envy of many a Whovian. This case is not actually bigger on the inside, though, so sadly there is no Doctor included.

3. The Writer

Whether or not they’ve actually used a typewriter before (#youngwriterproblems), writers seem to be naturally drawn to typewriters. Or at the very least, items with pictures of typewriters on them. Which makes this sleek case the perfect accessory for those who love to create worlds and research stories on their iPad.

4. The Traveler

This iPad case is for those who crave being whisked off to distant lands. Whether they travel by plane, train, or automobile, carrying this case around will always make them feel as though they’re being shipped off on a new adventure. Either that, or it will make them feel like a mailperson. Either way, it’s a cute case, right?

5. The Academic

Studious individuals can usually be spotted by the billion pound backpack they have slung over their shoulders (I exaggerate – it may only weigh a million pounds). What better way to celebrate a love for learning than to have an iPad case to match all of those notebooks? Cute yet professional, this is a case that students are sure to appreciate.

6. The Rebel

Well, skulls have been slapped onto one too many toddler outfits to really be considered rebellious anymore, but they are still morbid enough to be appreciated by those with a bit of edginess. With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give in to your dark side.

Hopefully this gave a little taste of the wonders that the world of iPad cases hold. There is a case for everyone out there, just as long as you take the time to look.

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