Quirky Item of the Week: A Year of Gratitude Stationary

A Year of Gratitude Stationary (Image Credit: Uncommon Goods)
A Year of Gratitude Stationary (Image Credit: Uncommon Goods)

It is just about that time of year again; time to give thanks, and show those we love our gratitude and appreciation. And what better way than to say it with a hand-written note?! With “A Year of Gratitude Stationary Set” from Uncommon Goods, you can! It comes equipped with 52 thank-you notes, one for every week of the year. In case you are not the most eloquent writer, it also comes equipped with tips so you can write the most meaningful notes and truly show your gratitude.

I know that we all, at least once, have been guilty of getting caught up in the daily grind of work or school, status updates, and relationship drama. We sometimes forget to slow down and look around and see all of the things that we should or could be grateful for. With this set, we can all take time to sit down and remind ourselves of all the things, and all the people, that we are thankful for. Perhaps you will reconnect with someone from your past or brighten someone’s day! This is your chance to show that certain someone in your life that they are not being taken for granted, and what better way to do so than with a beautiful, meaningful, hand-written note.

Thanksgiving is just a few short months away, but we do not have to wait to show are gratitude only one day of the year. So go out and purchase a set for yourself, and show the world what you are thankful for!



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