Tom Hiddleston (Image Credit: Olivier Borde)

Celebrity Crush: Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston (Image Credit: Olivier Borde)

Tom Hiddleston (Image Credit: Olivier Borde)

There’s a reason there are three, two hour-long Shakespeare adaptations set up to record on my DVR, and that reason can best be summed up by two words: Tom Hiddleston. If anyone could get me to watch Shakespeare’s histories, it’s Tom.

Like most people, I discovered Tom Hiddleston in Thor, which I saw three times in theaters, and fell in love with his Loki. He played the villain with just the right amount of pathos and expressed a lot of emotion solely through his facial expressions, which is one of my favorite acting traits. Plus, when there are multiple interviews about how you aren’t going to be in a movie (The Avengers 2), that’s when you know people care about your character.

But as fantastic as Tom Hiddleston is as Loki, that’s not the only reason I like him. If you have a Tumblr, you’ve probably seen countless gifs of interviews with Tom. But one of the best is from the 2012 BAFTAs where Tom brought a reporter soup after their Twitter conversation. Tom also cares about his fans, and Tumblr is full of fan accounts about how nice Tom Hiddleston was when they met him. I wish I could confirm these for you, but unfortunately, I missed seeing Tom by one day when we both went to a Detroit Tigers games.

If you just don’t get all the hype about Tom Hiddleston, I won’t hold that against you. But I would suggest that you check out his Twitter where he regularly supports charities like UNICEF and pays tribute to fellow actors’ work. On a less serious note, you should also watch Tom’s appearance on MTV’s After Hours With Josh Horowitz. An instant Tumblr sensation, this video combines a lot of my favorite things about Tom Hiddleston into one. He acts like Loki, shows his flair for comedy and fails at being a bad guy.

For those of you who are fellow Hiddleston fans, make sure you watch Midnight in Paris and the Wallander series. Tom may not be in much of either one, but he makes his short appearances worth it. Other than that, take a deep breath and join me in waiting for Thor: The Dark World to come out (only 2 more months!). And maybe by that time there will be news on a release date for Only Lovers Left Alive, which hit the film festival circuit earlier this month. A girl can dream, right?

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