Quirky Item of the Week: Giant Googly Eyes

Giant Googly Eyes (Image Credit: Urban Outfitters)
Giant Googly Eyes (Image Credit: Urban Outfitters)

I consider myself a big kid at heart. I get along better with children than I do with adults, I enjoy coloring books more than real books and I have random hypes of energy followed by spells of lethargy. Flashbacks of my childhood kicked in when I found these Giant Googly Eyes at Urban Outfitters. It reminded me of when I was a kid and I would stick googly eyes on my best artistic creations (and on rocks of course!).

So why would somebody buy these lovable, oversized googly eyes? They remind you of your childhood, they bring out part of your sense of humor or they just add a bit of silliness to your day. Meant to stick to any piece of furniture, these eyes come with adhesive backings. They are adorable and definitely a conversation starter.

Even if you don’t buy them for yourself, I think these are a really fun idea for children to be creative with. When I was younger I loved picking rocks out of my backyard, coloring them with crayons and then sticking googly eyes on them to make my very own pet rocks. Now children can make any outdoor item a pet. A pet tree, a pet boulder or a pet bush!

Pretty much for any age, the giant googly eyes are a simple, cute way to spruce up a boring piece of furniture or an outdoor accessory. I would even give them away as party favors. “Thanks for coming to my party, here’s a set of giant googly eyes.” If you want to let some of your quirky personality shine, the giant googly eyes are an eye-deal accessory to have!


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Paige always has E! News playing on her television while she simultaneously flips through the latest issue of Vogue. She is a sophomore at Emerson College majoring in Journalism.

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