A Case of the Mondays (Image Credit: Thomas Nielsen)

Ways to Make Mondays More Bareable!

A Case of the Mondays (Image Credit: Thomas Nielsen)

A Case of the Mondays (Image Credit: Thomas Nielsen)

It seems like we’re always waiting until the weekend; and when it comes, it leaves just as quickly. After a two-day grace period of rest, partying or whatever else goes down over the weekend, on Sunday you’re left with the sad truth that tomorrow is of course Monday. Unlike the rest of the days in the week, where you’ve had the chance to ease into a routine, Monday is that ugly reminder that you’ll be reentering the realms of reality. Whether it’s school, work or just a day of errands Monday is equally hard to bear for a lot of us. Luckily, here are some tips on how to make it as bearable as possible.

Get a good night sleep.

In preparation for Monday, it is always necessary to get tucked into bed at a reasonable time on Sunday (and by reasonable, I mean getting at least 8 hours of sleep). The good night sleep will prepare you for the early rise you’ll have, which will be in great comparison to the slow, weekend stretch that usually happened around noon. Not only will that rest prepare you, but it will hopefully allow you to have enough energy to make it through your day of routines, meetings and work.

Eat something.

They say to make sure you start off any day right, you must eat something and that especially goes for Mondays. Make sure you start the day with more than a piece of toast and a cup of coffee. Although coffee will definitely give an extra energy boost, try to pair it with a bagel and cream cheese or a bowl of fruit; it will give you just the right amount of nutrition and satisfaction to continue out the house. Don’t stop there though. To maintain this flow, you should probably carry a couple snacks in your bag as well as eating a good lunch. There is nothing that will ruin a mood more than an empty stomach. And on Monday, which is basically the indicator of how the rest of your week will go, you don’t want to be hungry and in a bad mood.

Make a playlist.

There is something about the way music can evoke emotion in people. Make an upbeat Monday playlist on your phone or iPod that will keep you in good spirits. The songs on there should either make you want to dance, sing or just be happy. Use it as your soundtrack as you run errands or take the train to work. It’s simple; good music makes for a good mood.

Positive attitude.

Mondays suck, we get that. But aside from the occasional holidays that fall on them, there is really nothing you can do about it. So the best thing to do (which goes for any day of the week) is to start and finish with a positive attitude. Yes, you have a lot of work to do and yes you have to see people that you have tried to avoid over the weekend, but turn that frown upside down and think about all the good things that can come from the work you will accomplish. If that doesn’t work, just think about how you are one step closer to the weekend.

Work Out

In an attempt to skip all the mumbo-jumbo about how working out releases endorphins and toxins from your body and that will help you get through Mondays, I’m just going to get to the point. Exercising earlier in the day will definitely wake you up and put you on the fast track to ending Monday. Who knows, you might be so fired up by that 30-minute or hour work out that you feel eager to accomplish the other tasks on your long lists.

Unfortunately, the greater forces haven’t figured out a way to fully get rid of Mondays, but luckily there are some ways to make them a little more tolerable. Whether you make a “Monday Funday” music playlist or just start the day with a smile, remember: there is only one Monday in a week and once it’s over, you’ll have only 4 days left until the weekend.


Image courtesy of Thomas Nielsen

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