Glass Stairs (Image Credit: Robert S Donovan)

5 Everyday things that scare me silly…

Glass Stairs (Image Credit: Robert S Donovan)

Glass Stairs (Image Credit: Robert S Donovan)

I have what I like to call “Final Destination Syndrome.” It’s basically where I assume the worst about basic, every day situations. I find myself asking, “How could this situation end in the worst way possible?” Of course, I understand that most of the situations I imagine myself getting into will never actually happen, but I still have some everyday things that give my fight-or-flight reflexes some good practice time.

 Flying Insects

I don’t care what kind of bug it is, if it flies and comes diving at my face like a kamikaze pilot, chances are I’m going to be out of there in an instant. They actually cause me to reduce to my lowest form, which is a squealing girly-girl. That takes talent! I also do that duck-and-cover maneuver while quickly vacating the scene. It’s so embarrassing, but to me, any flying bug is terrifying (sorry butterflies, even you can be scary if I don’t see it coming). However, there is one bug that tops my scary list. That bug is the Palmetto Bug. Don’t know what that is? Picture a very large cockroach, and then strap wings on the bad boy. Oh yeah, they’re real and just as terrifying as they sound.

See-Through Stairs

Okay, so the steps themselves aren’t actually see-through, but they might as well be. I’m sure you’ve seen these staircases before, where they appear to just be levitating over the open gap between areas. They also have a space between each step that allows you to see straight through to the bottom of the floor. To make matters worse, they always shake because there’s nothing truly supporting the staircase or steps. Makes me shudder just thinking about it. We have a set of those stairs at my university and I can’t even convince myself to go up them. Which poses a serious problem for when I want to eat, or you know, when I meet someone for an interview for my campus newspaper whose office is up there.


The moaning of the cables, the creaking of the wires and the close to free fall decline as you ride down are just a few of the reasons elevators give me the heebie jeebies. It’s strange because I’ve never been in a bad situation with an elevator, but the idea of being trapped in a metal box with no way in or out is kind of terrifying. That’s why I plan on never riding Tower of Terror at Disney World. No need to exaggerate my already silly fear by riding an elevator ride that drops you several stories in free fall. Thanks but no thanks; I’ll keep my distance from that one. Oh, and to make matters worse, the only other option I have while at my university other than riding an elevator is the aforementioned see through stairs. Awesome.

18-Wheelers/Big Trucks

Whenever I drive next to an 18-wheeler, I quickly have a greater appreciation for ants. I think to myself, this must be how it feels to have humans towering above them constantly threatening their tiny little lives with giant feet. I could be wrong, but I honestly believe truck drivers forget that they are almost three times the size of a standard four-door sedan, so when they start to sway, speed or drift into another lane, I get myself out of there pretty quick. That’s why I always make sure to give myself a lane or two of space to avoid becoming a metaphorical ant under an 18-wheelers metaphorical foot.

Finding Parking on a College Campus

Have you ever tried parking on a college campus? Especially one that is already short on parking spaces for the ever-growing freshmen class? It’s basically like a battle royale during lunch hours. In fact, I’ve almost been hit multiple times by greedy underclassmen trying to beat me to a spot that I’ve claimed with my blinker since before the previous car pulled out. All right, I know what you’re thinking, this one shouldn’t qualify as a fear… but until you’ve played chicken with a Ford pick-up truck for a parking spot between two badly parked cars, you don’t know true fear.

So now you know my common everyday fears. Are they realistic? That’s to be determined, but I know I’m not alone. Everyone has a handful of slightly ridiculous fears, and you shouldn’t be ashamed. And seriously, parking on a college campus is one of the more terrifying experiences you’ll ever have, you’ll just have to trust me on that.

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