Quirky Item of the Week: Pet’s Eye View Camera

National Geographic Pet's Eye View Camera (Image Credit: National Geographic)
National Geographic Pet’s Eye View Camera (Image Credit: National Geographic)

Have you ever wondered what your animals are up to while you’re out? Who knows, maybe Disney got it right all along. Who’s to say your cats aren’t jamming with a band of alley cats downtown, and your dog’s not sneaking out on late-night dinner dates with strays behind the bistro, sharing meatballs and spaghetti in the moonlight? Document your animals’ shenanigans with this ingenious Pets Eye View Camera from Nat Geo Wild.

All you do is clip the camera to the collar, with the timer set to snap a photo every one and a half to fifteen minutes. The camera holds up to forty pictures at a time and comes equipped with a USB cable to transfer and save the photos directly to your laptop, perfect for 4-by-6-inch prints. Capture your pet’s adventures and create a picture book, complete with captions for your kids–A Day in the Life of Mr. Sniff. Find out what the hallway looks like from atop the tchotchke shelf or the backyard from beneath the patio.

A whole new world awaits you from behind the camera lens! Get a glimpse of your surroundings from your animals’ perspective. Follow Alice down the rabbit hole, without falling in! Go on a virtual adventure, see the world through tiny eyes, and find out what your pets are really up to all day long, for only forty dollars!

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