Headband (Image Credit: Caden Crawford)

Reasons Headbands are the Best and Worst Thing to Happen to Your Hair

Headband (Image Credit: Caden Crawford)

Headband (Image Credit: Caden Crawford)

When I was younger I had crazy, curly hair. None of my curls were the same shape or size, they were all frizzy and I didn’t dare brush them (for fear of looking like a lion with an extra fluffy mane). When I discovered the straightening iron, I thought my hair problems were over, but I was wrong. Little wisps would stick up in every which way and stray hairs would hit me in the face or get caught in my mouth. The day I became obsessed with headbands was the same day I knew I wouldn’t have anymore pesky hair problems.

Headbands are stylish and functional, a necessity for every girl. I used to think that headbands made me look childish, that there were no sophisticated ways of wearing them, but I realized that they were one of the best things to happen to my hair. Here are some of the reasons why:

Sporty Girl

Playing sports, I realized headbands were necessities. Anybody who plays an indoor or outdoor sport will agree that headbands can be your best friends. Running around, sliding, jumping or whatever else you do cause your hair to fall out of place, no matter how secure you think your pony tail or hair style is. A headband helps keep your hair out of your face so you can focus on the game ahead of you, instead of fiddling with your hair.

Bangs Girl

I decided to get bangs a few years back, and they were great and all, until I moved to the city. The wind and my bangs were not friends. Anytime I perfected the styling of my bangs, they were instantly ruined the moment I stepped outside. I tried holding my bangs back with bobby pins, but the wind would still mess my hair up. So, I started to push my bangs back with headbands, which was an immense help. I didn’t have to worry about walking into class or work with messy hair.

Fashion Girl

Usually girls dress up their casual outfits with jewelry or a flashy handbag, but I prefer to dress up my casual t-shirt and jeans look with stylish headbands. Recently, I have stocked up on headbands that are crocheted, beaded or bejeweled. I think these types of headbands can dress up an outfit or a hairstyle. I love accessorizing my looks with unique headbands.

But I also found that with some headbands come some of the worst things to happen to my hair (and head).


I can only wear headbands for so long. Some headbands (usually the kind I wear with a ponytail or braid) are tighter so they don’t slip off my head, but they are painful! I have come home from school with horrible headaches as a result of the tightness of my headband.

Creased Hair

Usually if I start to get a headache as a result of my headbands or I just want to switch up my hairstyle from day to night, I take off my headband to find a giant crease in my hair. Sometimes it is easy to fix, but other times not so much

Immature Look

If worn the wrong way, headbands can look childish.  Depending on your outfit or hairstyle, headbands can come off as looking child-like.

Overall, I am all for headbands. I love that they are functional and stylish. For any girl who had the same thoughts as me that headbands look childish or that think negatively of headbands, try them out again with a different outfit or hairstyle. Your mind just might be changed!


Image courtesy of Caden Crawford

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