DIY Funky Ombre Pumpkins by Funkytime

Image Credit:

Another week, another amazing pumpkin DIY! When I saw these gorgeous pumpkins on Funkytime, I just had to ask if we could share them here with you. I am all about creative pumpkin decoration ideas and these are some of the prettiest non-carved pumpkins I have come across so far!  I adore the ombre pumpkin and think it would make a beautiful thanksgiving centerpiece. I also think the triangle design pumpkin is the kind of whimsical detail that is great for a children’s Halloween Party with more flair and less scare.

Before you begin worrying if you have the artistic talent to pull these off, stop fretting and check out the simple DIY Instructions on Funkytime. They are a lot easier to make then they look (I know it’s hard to believe when they look that good) and the instructions come with awesome images making them super easy to follow. Check it all out on Funkytime.

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