Three Top Mascaras for Longer & Fuller Lashes!


Last month, I reviewed Katy Perry’s Fake Eyelashes, and as much as I love them sometimes I opt to wear just mascara. Most women love going all out on a night out, so do I, but from time to time I like to skip the false lashes and can get away with just using mascara. I have three must have mascaras that are my absolute favourites for a long, full lash look. There is quite a difference in the price between them; however, they are all worth it.

Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara is amazing and the brush is fantastic. I’ve gone through so many mascaras with brushes that don’t separate my lashes and it is so frustrating, I was so happy when I finally found one that works. Benefit’s mascara is by far one of the most expensive mascaras or any beauty product for that matter that I have owned but it is worth is every penny and I have gotten so many compliments about my lashes looking long whilst wearing it. From retailers in England it costs £19.50 and in America $23.00.

If I’m in a rush I always apply Soap & Glory’s Thick & Fast Mascara. I don’t have to put tons of layers on and it saves me time. It may be a thick mascara but it doesn’t leave my lashes clumpy or stuck together as the brush is good and keeps them apart. Another bonus is that it doesn’t cost too much, only £10.

Another decent mascara that doesn’t cost a fortune is Max Factor’s Wild Mega Volume. It gives you long and thick lashes, the volume is fantastic and you will not be disappointed. The brush is quite big and enhances your eyelashes to make them extra long, even longer than most other mascaras. At £6.99 it is a bargain and quite frankly undervalued but I’m not going to complain.

So what are your essential mascaras that you can’t live without? Have you tried Benefit, Soap & Glory or Max Factor’s mascaras?


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