Cold Weather Exercise (Image Credit: Flickr User akunamatata)

Cold Weather Workouts to Keep You in Shape This Winter!

Cold Weather Exercise (Image Credit: Flickr User akunamatata)

Cold Weather Exercise (Image Credit: Flickr User akunamatata)

Many people find it much easier to keep fit in the summer months, when the days are longer and the weather is warmer. It’s much more appealing to go for a run in the morning when the sun is shining than in the cold. When it’s raining outside or the temperature calls for hats, gloves and scarves it can be much harder to motivate yourself to get out there exercising. However there are some workouts which just lend themselves to the colder months, so here are my suggestions for ways to stay active when all you want to do is curl up in bed!

  • On those days when it is just too horrible outside to even contemplate getting out there, do a simple home workout instead. Grab your dumbbells, or if you don’t have any write yourself out some strength exercises you can do without the need for anything other than your body weight. A combination of exercises such as jump squats, push-ups and tricep dips will make a brilliant at-home workout and keep you active whilst staying in the warmth.
  • Get yourself down to your nearest indoor swimming pool (preferably slightly heated) and do some laps. Swimming is a fantastic way to keep fit and works most of your body so will definitely give you a good workout. Alternate strokes to keep it interesting and keep a count of your laps so that you can see the improvement you make over time.
  • Join a fitness class. It’s never a bad time to find a new exercise class, why not find a new one and give it a go. Pick one that takes place indoors so that you don’t have to be out in the cold. With fitness classes you have the bonus that they are sociable, you may even find yourself making new friends.
  • If you have the money for it then why not sign up to a few sessions with a personal trainer? Personal training sessions mean commitment and you have the benefit of having someone else motivate you. Plus you can always learn some new exercises and perfect your posture making your future workouts more effective!
  • The cold weather is not all bad. Sometimes a lovely clear day with crisp air and a cool breeze can be absolutely perfect for going on a lengthy walk. If you live in or near the countryside pop your wellies on and get yourself out into the great outdoors. If you live in a city either get in your car or just find a nice walk with a few parks, getting outside either way will help clear your head.

The cold temperatures of winter are no reason to stop exercising; keeping fit will help keep you healthy so hopefully you’ll be able to avoid the cold and flu bugs which invariably circulate around this time of year. Just make sure you look after yourself and as always, find something you enjoy doing!


Image courtesy of Flickr User akunamatata

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