Smartphone (Image Credit: Beau Giles)

5 Apps Everyone Needs on Their Phone!

Smartphone (Image Credit: Beau Giles)

Smartphone (Image Credit: Beau Giles)

In the digital age, many of us view life through our cell phones whether we like it or not. Of course there is more to life than a 4-inch screen, but we might as well make the most of all the time spent on our phones, right? Here are a few apps to make life a little easier and a lot more fun.


Like many people, I would love to take the time to journal all of the fun and exciting happenings in my life, but there simply are not enough hours in the day.  Journalized is a simple little app that allows users to make quick notes about the goings-on of their day and post accompanying pictures. We may remember big events, but the little moments fade from memory all too quickly. Journalized is a great app to guarantee you’ll never forget the little things that made your day.


I don’t know about you, but if I don’t write down a task that I need to do, the thought of doing said task completely leaves my mind, never to return again. Any.DO is a handy app that lets users post their to-do lists for today, tomorrow, the near future and a more distant future. This app helps prioritize tasks by when they need to be completed, which ensures that the task calendar will never become too overwhelming (unless you have a million things to do, of course).

Doodle Jump

Whew, all that talk of tasks is beginning to stress me out, so let’s move on to an app used only for pleasure – the stupidly simple yet ever addictive Doodle Jump. I tend to grow tired of phone games very quickly; I play one for a month, forget about it for a while, and eventually end up deleting it from my phone to free-up space for something new. Doodle Jump is a game I can come back to time and time again and always enjoy. I mean, it’s a game where you play as a cute little alien trying to hop his way up to the top of the obstacle course while avoiding scary monsters – how could anyone not find that fun?


There are many long-term goals that we set for ourselves, but struggle to find the motivation to reach them. Whether you’d like to eat healthier, learn a new language, or read more often, Everest is an app created to help users achieve dreams by mapping out ways to climb to the top of the mountain, so to speak. Like Mount Everest, for example. Ha, get it?  Users can also get inspired by other individuals in the Everest community by browsing through the ways that they are achieving goals of their own. Everest provides the little nudge needed to make our far-off dreams attainable.


There are a lot of excellent Internet radio options out there, but none are quite as fun as 8tracks. 8tracks users can upload playlists from their own music library, create cover art, and tag accordingly to share with others. Listeners can mix and match tags however they wish to find a playlist that perfectly fits the mood. Want to listen to some alternative rock that is also music conducive to studying? There are playlists for that. My favorite aspect of 8tracks is that fandom playlists are aplenty. So if you feel like listening to something that will make you cry about your OTP, there are playlists for that, too.

There are probably thousands of more apps than listed that can help prioritize, organize, and fun-itize your life. These suggestions will provide a great starting point before delving deeper into the insanely large world of phone applications, though!

Image courtesy of Beau Giles
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