5 Reasons you should be watching ‘Boardwalk Empire’!



I must admit that I didn’t care much for Boardwalk Empire after watching the premiere episode 3 years ago; I think I had the patience for two episodes then stopped watching. Frankly, my reasoning was mostly due to Steve Buscemi being sexual in this show – it just gave me the heebie jeebies. Don’t get me wrong, I love Steve Buscemi but mostly for his bad assery not his sexual prowess. During Season 2, my brother and a good friend couldn’t refrain from raving about how good the show was and that I should be watching it blah blah blah. After much badgering, I finally succumbed to the pressure and started back at Season 1. By the end of the premiere season, I was hooked. Oh Jimmy Darmody, you stole my heart!

After many dramatic twists and turns, I’ve gotten to the current season and it has not disappointed me. So, here are five reasons why you should be watching it too:

  1. Patricia Arquette: she plays a busty blonde spitfire from the swamps of Tampa and I absolutely love her. She punches Nucky in the face as foreplay! Sally Wheet is a great contrast to Nucky’s usual girls on the side; I can’t wait to see how this relationship develops.
  2. Willie Thompson: Nucky’s smart adorable nephew turned murderer who scores with the ladies but doesn’t know how to handle his newfound feelings of guilt. This kid is reminiscent of Jimmy with his good intentions and need for Nucky’s acceptance. I suspect Ben Rosenfield may become a teenybopper dreamboat in the near future via some big blockbuster YA novel turned movie.
  3. 1920’s fashion: the fashion of this era is absolutely gorgeous and easy to make modern and integrate into your current wardrobe. Take Daughter Maitland, the star singer in Chalky’s club; her wardrobe is stunning with gorgeous ornate headpieces and sparkly drop waist gowns – absolutely beautiful.
  4. Al Capone (aka Stephen Graham): one of the best Al Capone’s I’ve seen, he personifies the legend in a captivating way – in my opinion, he steals all his scenes with other characters. You have to watch at least one Al Capone episode before you decide whether or not to keep watching Boardwalk.
  5. Ron Livingston: not only is he super adorable and quirky thus crushworthy for most 30+ women – he plays a character in this show unlike his usual funny man, he plays a straight arrow gentleman (Roy Phillips) hell bent on gentrifying mama Darmody.  For that, the man deserves a cookie at the very least.

After reading this post I’m sure you’re rushing to your DVR to ensure you have Boardwalk Empire programmed into your weekly schedule (Sundays @ 9:00pm on HBO). If not, you can always catch up with previous seasons on DVD/Blu-ray or HBO Go. Also, don’t forget to check out TDQ’s Interview with Christiane Seidel from Boardwalk Empire for more reasons to watch this prohibition era Atlantic City drama.


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