Emily Graslie on THE BRAIN SCOOP (Image Credit: Emily Graslie)

Youtube Gen Ed 101: Some of the best places to have fun learning

Emily Graslie on THE BRAIN SCOOP (Image Credit: Emily Graslie)

Emily Graslie on THE BRAIN SCOOP (Image Credit: Emily Graslie)

As a confessed Nerdfighter, I very much enjoy learning new things. Since most Nerdfighters are rather comfortable on YouTube, it’s nice that just about anything I could want to know is just a quick search away. For people who just want to learn in general and don’t have something specific in mind, there are a handful of great channels to subscribe to that will keep the learning coming on a regular pace!

The Brain Scoop

The Brain Scoop is hosted by Emily Graslie. The show started when Emily was a volunteer at the University of Montana Zoological Museum and has relatively recently been acquired by the Chicago Field Museum. Emily is now the Field Museum’s Chief Curiosity Correspondent. The title is perfect, it’s Emily’s curiosity that is shared on The Brain Scoop and it’s lovely. Warning though, some of the videos can be a bit graphic.


MinutePhysics is one of my favorite channels on YouTube. The topics are interesting, they’re presented concisely and Henry’s drawings are fun to watch as he explains things. I know I don’t have to sell this one, just let him explain whether you get more wet by walking or running in the rain!


SmarterEveryDay is a fun channel featuring Destin. I think the best description of the channel actually comes from his Twitter bio: “I’m Destin. I try to get Smarter Every Day, and make fun science videos sharing my progress…” Especially if you combine that with this paragraph in the description of his videos:

“Instead of saving for my kids’ college, I make videos using the money I would have saved.

The thought is it will help educate the world as a whole, and one day generate enough revenue to pay for their education. Until then if you appreciate what you’ve learned in this video and the effort that went in to it, please share the video.”

There is also a link in his profile to donate to his kids’ college fund, should you enjoy the videos enough to do so.

Destin’s videos are pretty much exclusively science topics, but that science comes from different areas than you might expect and they often use an awesome high speed camera. The video below explains something called the “Liquid Rope Coil Effect” with a high speed camera and honey!


Vsauce is a little different than the rest I’ve described. The videos on this channel are kind of a learning adventure. The title will say something that I find interesting, but the content will spiral off as tangents come up. Often the subject in the middle of the video will feel like it has nothing to do with the posted topic, but by the end of the video he will have pulled it all back together again. I know that Michael is going to do this every time, but it still kind of surprises me every time.

Check out the video about names below and I think you’ll understand what I mean.

Vi Hart

Vi Hart is new to me, but her videos are a wonderful addition to my subscription page. Many of her videos are based on “Doodles in Math Class” and are almost like old Sesame Street sketches for an older audience. Her drawings are fun and the topics she covers are things that might even be handy at trivia night some time!

Did I miss any of your favorites? Please leave a comment to let me know, I want to see them!


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