Theater (Image Credit: Kenneth Lu)

The Top 5 Perks of Being a Cinephile

Theater (Image Credit: Kenneth Lu)

Theater (Image Credit: Kenneth Lu)

I like to think there is a geek inside all of us. And by “geek” I mean a passion – a term that might not be politically correct, but an identity that comes to mind when ruminating on a certain amount of knowledge concerning a specific subject matter. You know, something a person may know a little more about than everyone else. For example, there may come a time when you realize watching films has become a hobby and you find yourself searching for social context in what’s onscreen; when you start researching producers, actors or even composers – basically anything IMDb can churn out.

There may be an explanation for this, if you haven’t realized it already. You’re probably a cinephile – someone obsessed with movies and/or TV. It’s OK, you’re not alone. It’s a very gratifying passion and being a cinephile certainly has its perks. As a matter of fact, below I’ve compiled a list of five perks that come with identifying yourself as a cinephile. Check it:

Appreciation of the art

Filmmaking and films themselves are a form of expression, and although many of the big budget films may seem tepid and boisterous driven by a studio for financial reasons, each is catered and crafted with a certain style. Most (successful) films outside of the blockbusters though – notably independent pieces, with writers/directors like David Lynch at the helm – are creative and even genre-bending that could inspire (even slightly) big budget films and catapult talented actors and actresses.

Noticing Subtleties

The film/TV industry is sort of remarkable. Considering how much funding and care go into bringing a story/screenplay to life, I believe it’s one industry that is economically and socially impenetrable.  People always want to be entertained and escape their day-to-day lives into stories that feature heroes, villains, moral choices and underdogs. In my opinion, they also love to see a reflection of themselves on the screen; something they can relate to and cheer on (or maybe that’s just me). Films can even be a vehicle for social messages that the filmmakers can’t or won’t blatantly state and the fun of finding and interpreting these messages is one of the great perks of being a cinephile.


I will confidently say that I have been educated by movies, whether it be morally, physically or scientifically. After all, isn’t one of the goals of films to enlighten? They can change your perspective on life and they can become a sort of conversation on a subject matter that you hadn’t thought of prior to watching it.

“In the know”

Knowledge on a particular subject matter can be an important factor in how you shape yourself and affect others around you. As a cinephile, it’s always pleasantly surprising to stumble upon a great film and also gratifying to introduce that film to your friends and/or family. Films can bring people closer together – literally and/or figuratively. Sharing the experience of tuning into a great film with someone is pretty cool. And those people may even come to you for film advice or suggestions!


I know this is sort of an assumed and blatant factor compared to the rest of this list, but the feeling of seeing an anticipated movie or show successfully being brought to life onscreen with impressive direction and top-notch casting is pretty wonderful. Some might even compare it to Christmas morning (or maybe, once again, that’s just me).

To wrap it up, I know this list doesn’t encompass all of the benefits of being a cinephile. However, if you are reading this and you are indeed one of them, you know what I mean – whether it be extensive knowledge on modern TV shows, contemporary cinema, or book-to-movie adaptations, you know figuring out what’s on the big screen and rooting for it to succeed is hella exciting.

Image courtesy of Kenneth Lu
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