VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with Author Betsy Franco & Artist Tom Franco

Tom Franco & Betsy Franco (Image Credit: Dakota Snow / The Daily Quirk)
Tom Franco & Betsy Franco (Image Credit: Dakota Snow / The Daily Quirk)

Tune into this exclusive interview with Tom and Betsy Franco, celebrating the release of Betsy’s latest novel Naked, illustrated by her son.  Naked is a love story and coming of age story, intertwined. Betsy explores the agony of being artists, alternating narration between “Cat” and Jesse Lucas, who meet in the Rodin sculpture garden at Stanford. Find out more directly from the author and the artist, right here in an exclusive feature on The Daily Quirk.

In the feature below Betsy discusses what inspired Naked, a book that was seemingly fated to be written because it developed from a series of bizarre coincidences in her own life. And Tom Franco, artist and illustrator of the book, talks collaborating with mom Betsy on the project.

In the full version of the interview below, you can find out more about where Betsy’s sons’ creativity comes from, and how the Franco’s influence each other. We also discuss Tom’s artistic talents further and Betsy shares how her writing has evolved as her sons have grown up, from children’s books to young adult, and now to full on grown-up stuff.

Reporting & Written Content by Dakota Snow  | Camera by Ron Snow | Production by Sean Torenli

As a writer of adult fiction, Betsy explores a part of herself she never could when she was writing children’s stories. Naked is raw and unrestricted, and appropriately titled. You can pick up a copy of Naked, published by Tyrus Books/F+W Media, in stores everywhere Nov 18 and in the meantime check out my review of the book here on the site.

The Daily Quirk would like to thank Betsy and Tom Franco for taking to the time to chat. To find out more about Betsy Franco and her books, visit her Official Site, and to find out Tom Franco and his art visit his Official Blog. We would also like to thank Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park, California for so graciously hosting our interview.

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