The 9 Ideal Coats for this Winter by Kelsey Murray of Tickle Me Pink

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As the temperatures drop it is time to start thinking about pulling out your outerwear. I am not talking about the lightweight fall jacket you’ve probably been rocking, I am talking about the down comforter type jacket that will keep you oh-so-warm when the snow flurries come down! And while it is important to have that one go -to coat for the freezing cold months it may be smart to invest in a few solid pieces in order to ensure you are rocking the right outerwear for the proper events you will be attending.

Read on to find out where you can wear the jackets above…

The Outbound Jacket | This casual jacket is perfect for long walks outside and football games. I love wearing this coat with dark skinny jeans and tall riding boots!

Active Outerwear | Active outerwear is ideal for running, walking and exercising outside during the colder months. When I exercise outdoors I don’t like being weighed down by a heavy coat or jacket. This type of insulated outerwear will keep you warm when sweating.

Leather Jacket | Leather jackets are super fun and versatile! You can wear it on a date over a pretty tunic or blouse in order to keep warm while staying chic or you can wear it over a t-shirt and jeans for a casual look.

Cape Jacket | The cape jacket is a huge trend right now, especially for women working in the fashion industry. The cape is posh, smart and super stylish. The cape jacket has a vibe that says I know who I am and what styles look good on me.

Statement Coat | Statement coats tend to have some sort of color to them. These types of jackets can really make or break an outfit. If I am shopping all day I tend to wear an all black ensemble and complete the look with a statement coat and a complimentary scarf. It is a pop of color that brings everything together.

Down Coat | This type of jacket is for all of the cold city-folks! Down jackets and coats can sometimes be dowdy and extremely puffy. I chose this down coat because the fur brings a stylish edge to the outfit. It is for those days when you feel as if your fingers may fall off and it’s you have to sprint from your car to your house.

Peacoat | The peacoat screams 90’s to me. I think Coach did a really great job updating the peacoat and the one above is very modern. The cut is longer and the tweed-wool combo is a gorgeous rust color that goes with a myriad of skin tones. If you’re into peacoat’s do an update this season and splurge for the one above!

The Black Tie Event Coat | We all have events throughout the holiday season – whether they be family gatherings, cocktail fetes or the classic work Christmas party. When dressing up for an event your outerwear should compliment your dressy attire. I would suggest a mid-length wool coat with some sort of cinching tie. Stick to dark colors for this type of coat such as navy, black or dark grey.

The Trench | Trench coats aren’t just for rainy days. Michael Kors has stepped up his game in order to bring us the warmest and chicest trench coat out there. Buy one with a liner in order to wear one in the snow. I love how a trench coat adds a polished layer to my outfits. When traveling or working, a trench coat is perfect to pair with riding boots or high heels. It’s the outerwear essential that can take you from day to night and everywhere in between.

While all of these coats could sit in your closet I suggest picking a couple that work with your lifestyle. If you find yourself needing a coat you could wear to work and an event the trench coat is a great option. Not everyone can rock these specific styles so stick to the ones that you feel work the best on you. Some coats are more expensive and stylish while others are necessary for everyday wear!

Shopping Links for Featured Coats (Left to Right Top to Bottom)

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