Heart (Image Credit: Sean McGrath)

What a Girl Wants in a Guy

Heart (Image Credit: Sean McGrath)

Heart (Image Credit: Sean McGrath)

People tend to overcomplicate this topic, but it’s really very simple. All it boils down to are a couple qualities that work together to win any woman over. Confidence is one of them, as long as you don’t let it get in the way of your humility. A real man can recognize when he needs to put his ego aside and let his lady win, although it’s not a competition.

Confidence may be enough to catch a girl’s attention, but it’s not enough to keep it. A little confidence is charming, but a lot is overkill, which is why you also need humility to keep your ego in check. Don’t make the mistake of letting your pride get in the way of taking in the bigger picture. Plus, a man who’s truly confident in himself shouldn’t feel the need to prove himself, repeatedly. The surest way to lose a woman is to blindly stand your ground and refuse to hear her side. If you really want to be the bigger man, be willing to admit when you’re outwitted—when you’re wrong. There’s no shame as long as you own up to it.

Confidence and modesty are opposites, but the two work hand in hand. They are the check and balance system of your ego. Basically, carry yourself like you know where you’re going, but if you don’t, be man enough to ask directions. This rule is a handy one to keep in mind when conflict arises with the missus. Your ego may make you say things you don’t mean in the heat of disagreements, but as long as you apologize and own up to your indiscretion. Stubbornness is unattractive, but humility is irresistible.

And that’s all it comes down to. Women don’t give a darn how tall, athletic, cute or college educated you are. All we want is someone confident who isn’t overly cocky about it. Don’t be afraid to “lose” a fight, but like I said before—it’s not a competition.

Image courtesy of Sean McGrath
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