Mark Consuelos and Yara Martinez in ALPHA HOUSE (Image Credit: Amazon Studios)

5 Reasons You Should Watch ‘Alpha House’

Mark Consuelos and Yara Martinez in ALPHA HOUSE (Image Credit: Amazon Studios)

Mark Consuelos and Yara Martinez in ALPHA HOUSE (Image Credit: Amazon Studios)

Alpha House is Amazon’s first original series and comes from creator Garry Trudeau, the cartoonist behind the long running political comic-strip Doonesbury. Alpha House, which was originally inspired by a true story, is about four United States Senators who share a small house. The show humorously follows the four Republicans through various political situations. There’s a reelection coming up, a potential grand jury indictment, and of course Democrats that need ignoring.  So far, the first three episodes are available on Amazon for free. If you’re still trying to decide if this is the show for you, check out these reasons you should watch:

If you like shows with political story lines

On a scale of Parks and Recreation to House of Cards, Alpha House falls closer to the beginning of that spectrum. It’s not quite goofy, but the show pokes fun at politicians through caricatures. Actor John Goodman plays a lazy former coach turned politician. Matt Malloy plays a wimpy guy who is easy to make fun of, and ends up an internet meme. Mark Consuelos plays a young, charming senator sleeping around.

If you like shows with good a supporting cast

There’s potential storylines in the assistants to the senators. The senators can’t take the time to do the work themselves so the young, aspiring kids pick up their slack. Throw that in with Clark Johnson’s senator character who thinks he’s a love doctor for pairing people off, and Alpha House could deliver good secondary plots. I predict a meltdown and a staff romance within the first season.

If you like a curve ball character

Yara Martinez plays a love interest for Mark Consuelos’ character, but it looks like she’ll turn out to be much more. Unlike the other women in the show who are predominately overlooked, her character Adriana De Portago, a billionaire who arranges Republican Super PACs, gets equal importance from the beginning to the other guys in the house. Adriana is much more than a pretty face with deep pockets, and will definitely be important to the storyline…we just don’t know how yet.

If you like shows with old guys who are out of the loop

Matt Malloy’s character is an older senator who doesn’t really understand technology. He doesn’t know what a meme is. He doesn’t really get who the audience of The Colbert Report is and he most definitely doesn’t run his own Twitter account. Even funnier is having to listen to the next oldest guy, John Goodman, explain things every now and then. Malloy is definitely the character set-up to be laughed at. It works so far.

If you like guest appearances

Alpha House already in the first three episodes has some cool pop-ups. Bill Murray is in the pilot. Stephen Colbert plays himself hosting one of the senators on his show. Wanda Sykes even pops up briefly as a neighbor to the house of senators. Only three episodes in and I’d say that’s already a good start, I can’t wait to see who else they roll through.

If Amazon’s original series impresses you, be on the lookout for their next show coming out, Betas. Only time will tell if Netflix has a new viable competitor. Three episodes of Alpha House are up now, and one new one will become available each week. That means you don’t have to set aside an afternoon of binge watching to get caught up.

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