Gifts for the ‘Doctor Who’ fan in your life!

Doctor Who Gifts

If you have a Whovian in your life, you should consider yourself a very lucky person. Having friends, family and other loved ones who are fans of Doctor Who can bring a delightful degree of nerdy interest to your days. There is one problem, though. With the holiday season quickly approaching, if you’re not a fan of the show yourself, you may be at a loss for gift ideas they might enjoy.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Keep reading to see five great gift ideas for Doctor Who fans.

Sonic Screwdriver

This is a bit of a no-brainer. The Doctor uses this alien device for anything from fixing the TARDIS to fighting off bad guys. There are replica versions available for the most recent Doctors, and you can even purchase a kit to make your own custom sonic screwdriver. If you really want to impress your Doctor Who fan, BBC sells a sonic screwdriver universal remote control that you can use for your TV, stereo, or other gadgets.


How excited will your Doctor Who fan be when they open up your gift to see their very own life-sized TARDIS? While the real spaceship isn’t available for purchase (that we know of), you can buy a life-sized 3D cardboard TARDIS. I recently attended a friend’s wedding where the bridal party entered the reception through one of these puppies, and it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. It’s a bit of a beast to assemble, so if you really want to make their holiday season, put it together before you give it to the Doctor Who fan in your life.

Whovian Accessories

Are you buying a gift for a guy who wishes he really was The Doctor? Make his dream one step closer to reality buy giving him his favorite Doctor’s trademark clothing item. Is he a fan of Four? Buy (or knit!) his famous long, stripey scarf. Maybe he’s a fan of Ten? A pair of Converse high tops or a long trench coat will do the trick. For fans of Eleven, hunt down the coolest bowtie you can find.

For the ladies, there is an abundance of Doctor Who-themed jewelry and other accessories. Two of my favorites are this custom Gallifreyan necklace and these adorable Adipose earrings on Etsy.

Doctor Who Books

The Doctor Who franchise spans every type of media, including print. A series of comics details the Doctor’s adventures, and there are a number of books that go more in-depth about the characters and worlds fans of the show have encountered. With the 50th anniversary of the show just around the corner, there are now several books that take a look at the series’ entire run and others that give an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the show.

Doctor Who Memorabilia

Some of my favorite Doctor Who products are the random pieces of memorabilia you can find online. Things like a Doctor Who-themed Mr. Potato Head, squishy Adipose stress toys, TARDIS cookie jars, and plushie Daleks are sold all over the internet (and occasionally in stores, too!).

If you’re having trouble finding a gift for the Doctor Who fan in your life, following this guide will give you a good start to making this holiday season a happy one.

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