Taylor Swift in the music video for "22" (Image Credit: Big Machine Records)

Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from… Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor Swift in the music video for "22" (Image Credit: Big Machine Records)

Taylor Swift in the music video for “22” (Image Credit: Big Machine Records)

Very few girls can say that they’ve never been caught playing this bright and spunky country pop singer at full blast on their iPod. Much more than catchy riffs, Taylor Swift offers meaningful reminders about inner-strength, growing up, and remembering the worthwhile things in life. Her natural girl-next-door vocals and unembellished lyrics keep it real for any girl.

I personally love Taylor for being sweet, spunky and gorgeous while retaining a little inner awkward dorkiness that makes us fall in love with her. The backlash she receives from her rollercoaster relationship status totally doesn’t change the fact that she’s one of the few artists who sings about true blue life lessons- and has won numerous awards for doing it! In honor then, let’s just review some of the lessons big T. Swift has taught us through her songs during her music career.

Taylor Jump

Never Grow Up

Whether you’re Fifteen or 22, it’s all about enjoying the now. I’m not a fan of the country pop genre, but something about Tay’s light easy-listening tunes keeps you coming back to them whenever life is feeling overwhelming and complicated. I’m feeling her songs even more lately as my 20th birthday is looming around the corner. So here’s to Taylor for providing perfect solace to your average girl in the midst of a quarter-life crisis.

Don’t let the multiplying birthday candles stop you from driving that new Maserati down a dead-end street.

Have breakfast at midnight because you feel like it.

And then dance wonderstruck all the way home.

Taylor Swift Window

Finding Mr. Right

All the boys hate Taylor Swift for setting the bar for them, but we all know T. Swift is right when it comes to seeking Mr. Right.

Find someone who loves you for you.

When you know it’s him and you can say “You Belong With Me”- the guy who makes you feel “Fearless”.

I could go on quoting all her lyrics because she has so many great one-liners, but I’d definitely exceed my word quota.

Taylor Swift Like Never

Getting Over Mr. Thought-He-Was-Right-But-He-Was-So-Wrong

Whether you knew he was trouble when he walked in or flash back all the time to when he said forever and always, getting over a break-up is what we all know Taylor sings about the best.

Sometimes you gotta just put his picture down and get some sleep.

After Mr. Wrong, you’ll know that you’re gonna find someone someday who might actually treat you well. Trust Taylor, it’ll definitely “Begin Again”.

In other words, don’t let him get you down girls! You’re too strong for that.

So burn Mr. Wrong’s picture and scream about how much you hate his stupid old pick-up truck.

And when he calls you up and is like “I still love you,” scream, “We are never getting back together. Like, ever.”

Taylor Swift Feelings

It’s Okay to Switch On your Feelings

Half the time, most of us are asking “Where’s the ‘off’ switch to these feels?”

But, if there’s anything T. Swift’s taught us, it’s that it’s okay to leave the switch on. Taylor shouts it out to us not only in her songs, but by example. It’s been a popular joke that every one of Taylor’s relationships turns into another song and yet another appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show. Let’s not forget though that this shows loud and clear that she has the guts not to hide anything. She expresses it through her music, and her lyrics are simple and unmasked.

So yes, it’s okay to have feelings, it’s alright to shed teardrops on your guitar, and you definitely can be happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way.

Taylor Swift Singing

Never Give Up

I personally like Taylor particularly because of this message she so often sings about. That’s because she really has been there. She’s been the underdog- whether as the uncool dork at high school or her climb to being the one of the top singers of GenY. Her life story is one of never giving up an believing in herself, which adds dimension to what people would probably otherwise label as another cliché single.

So if you take one thing from Taylor, I’d take her simple reminder: People throw rocks at things that shine- so let the haters hate, because all they’re ever gonna be is mean.

So laugh and scoff all you want boys but there’s a reason why Taylor’s songs are constantly featured on Twitter #np #onrepeat #relevant. Let’s be honest, the real men probably learned their tricks from periodic Taylor Swift jams.

With that, I’d like to close with your quirky brotip of the day:


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