Sunless Tanning Products for Fairer Skin

Sunless Tanning

With winter almost here, it feels like summer ended ages ago and away with the warmth went all traces of my tan. I’m left feeling so pale that my skin looks ill. I don’t know if you’ve ever feel like that, but with this cold weather I feel ghost-like, which was perfect for Halloween, but not for everyday life. So this past year, I have been on a mission of sorts to find a good sunless tanning product for light skin to maintain a healthy looking glow instead of a ghostly pallor in the colder months.

My skin tone is extremely light so I have to choose cautiously when picking a sunless tanning product. I don’t want to wind up looking orange (the oompa loompa look is never attractive) or too dark (I’m not looking to audition for Geordie or Jersey Shore anytime soon). After some trial and error, here’s what I’ve come up with…

St. Tropez Instant Tan is great. It may only last for one night, however, it gives you a nice natural looking tan and it isn’t blotchy like some other products. You can easily wash it off with water and soap if you want your skin normal for the next day. It is perfect for a night out and you will love the result.

I have also tried Garnier’s Moisturizing Lotion Sun Kissed Look. If you are looking for a gradual tan, then this is the product for you. The tan builds over time to give you a natural looking and all–year-round tan. The product has a lovely apricot fragrance and leaves your skin feeingl fresh and revitalised. It does take longer to come off though if you wish to stop using it.

Being a big L’Oreal product lover, I was excited to try L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Express Pro Spray for Fair Skin. It is a spray so I thought it would be easier to apply. and. I’m not going to lie I saw Cheryl Cole in the adverts and thought her legs looked fantastic. I thought why not? let’s give it a try! But it just didn’t seem to work on my skin. Whether it was me being stupid when I applying it or the product itself, I don’t know. It had a nice lemon fragrance, but I ended up with an uneven tan and some areas still pale,

So what are your favorite tanning products and what do you love about them?


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