Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor in DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: Adrian Rogers / © BBC/BBC Worldwide)

Top 5 Moments from the ‘Doctor Who’ Anniversary Episode

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and  David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor in DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: Adrian Rogers / © BBC/BBC Worldwide)

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor in DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: Adrian Rogers / © BBC/BBC Worldwide)

Like most Whovians, I was waiting impatiently for November 23 to come around because I could not wait to see the special 50th anniversary episode of the show. Also like most Whovians, the episode left me awestruck and wishing I could rewind and watch it all over again. Read on to see my top 5 favorite moments from the show, but be warned! Spoilers follow!

The Tom Baker cameo.

When it was announced that the anniversary episode of Doctor Who would host several Doctors, speculation ran rampant on the internet regarding whether any of the “classic” Doctors would make an appearance. Steven Moffat and the other top dogs of the show were able to completely hide the fact that one would. Tom Baker, the actor who played the Fourth Doctor, showed up in the final moments of the episode to give some advice to the Eleventh Doctor. The moment was adorable, a bit heartwarming, and potentially set up much of what will occur in the upcoming season.

All the Matt Smith-David Tennant-John Hurt quips.

Having three sassy Doctors in one episode was the perfect storm for witty back-and-fourth comments. Smith and Tennant’s chemistry was amazing – they played off each other perfectly in both the comedic moments and the serious ones. John Hurt, as The War Doctor, was technically younger than the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, but many of his comments made the two fan favorites look like kids, and it was absolutely hilarious. From criticizing the way the wield their Sonic Screwdrivers to the way they dress, Hurt’s character had something to say about everything.

The cannon-changing plot twist.

In previous seasons, it was established that the Doctor destroyed his home planet of Gallifrey in the Time War in order to save the rest of the universe. This episode twisted everything we’d known before on its head. In the final moments of the episode, the Doctors worked together to instead freeze Gallifrey and save its inhabitants – which means the Time Lords are still alive somewhere and could potentially pop up in the upcoming season.

The Time War.

Speaking of the Time War, it was incredible to see one of the biggest driving forces of the series finally on screen. In The Day of the Doctor, we got to see the chaos on Gallifrey during the last day of the Time War. We were able to see the devastation the Daleks left in their wake, and we were able to watch the Doctor make the huge decision that has affected him throughout the last seven seasons of the show. It was really cool to finally see something we had only gotten glimpses of before.

All the cameos from old characters and references to previous episodes.

This episode was rife with references. I can’t even begin to count the number of lines that were directly related to things we’d seen in the past. The weapon the Doctor plans to use to destroy Gallifrey has a conscious interface that takes the shape of Rose Tyler. The woman who summons the Doctor at the beginning of the episode is Kate Stewart, the scientist who also summoned him several seasons ago when black cubes were taking over London. Overall, every moment held some type of treat for fans who have been watching the show for a while.

For Doctor Who fans who didn’t get to watch the episode, it will be in select theaters around the world on Monday, Nov. 25, and the DVD will be available for purchase starting Dec. 10.

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One thought on “Top 5 Moments from the ‘Doctor Who’ Anniversary Episode

  1. Catherine Dream says:

    Oh, I completely agree. Tom Baker as the curator made me choke on my jelly beans, it was SO lovely. And I’m so happy I didn’t know about his appearance!
    Also, Chinny and Sand Shoes were made to banter with each other. Also, thank you War Doctor for commenting on what we Whovians have need saucing for years – can you speak without flailing your arms around? : )) It was endearing, like a cross between the Whoniverse and fandom. Also, same thing with Osgood wearing the Fourt Doctor scarf. ❤
    In short, hehe, I agree.
    And YES to the cannon changing twist – that's what I've been saying!

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