Crush Collection by Wet Seal (Image Credit: Wet Seal)

Wet Seal introduces ABC Family inspired ‘Crush’ collection

Crush Collection by Wet Seal (Image Credit: Wet Seal)

Crush Collection by Wet Seal (Image Credit: Wet Seal)

Have you ever been watching your favorite television shows and said to yourself, “Wow, I’d love to have that person’s style! It’s amazing!” Well, now you can thanks to Disney Consumer Products, Wet Seal and ABC Family.

On Nov. 3, Wet Seal debuted Crush, a clothing line that brings the styles of some of your favorite ABC Family characters to your closet. This collaboration is the first of it’s kind for Wet Seal, and it aims to make trendy, fashion forward clothes accessible to the average person.

In an October press release, Kate Juergens, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Development and Chief Creative Officer, ABC Family, was quoted as saying the following about the new collection:

“The passion and enthusiasm our viewers have for our series and iconic characters is only matched by their passion for the trendsetting fashion of our shows. Fans are always asking –‘how can I get ‘that’ look?’ and I’m so happy we can now respond…‘go to Wet Seal.’ This a wonderful collaboration that enables us to further extend the connection our fans have with their favorite characters.”

The new line features pieces from four of the more popular shows on ABC Family this past summer, including The Fosters, Switched at Birth, Twisted and Baby Daddy, but is only going to be focusing on a single character from each show. Read more about each character and their personal style below.

  • Callie Jacob (Maia Mitchell) from The Fosters. Everything that is based on her style is going to be casual, easy and have boho flair. The color palette is going to be earthy tones and a more classic build to “reflect hope and optimism” that Callie has about her newfound family.
  • Bay Kennish (Vanessa Marano) from Switched at Birth. Bay is a street artist, so her pieces reflect just that – an edgy, darker, street style and silhouette. Her styles will see romantic prints, maxi skirts and “moto-style” jackets.
  • Lacey Porter (Kylie Bunbury) from Twisted. In an attempt to embody her sophisticated style, Lacey’s pieces will be aimed at the fashionista in all of us by combining feminine details and classic silhouettes. Pieces such as pencil skirts, graphic tops and lace will be the highlight of Lacey’s collection.
  • Riley Perrin (Chelsea Kane) from Baby Daddy. If you like floral and prints, then Riley has the styles you need. In a simple and feminine style, flirty skirts, dresses and skinny jeans will be paired with cardigans and loosely fitted tops. Think romantic combined with ambition and you have her style.

So which one sounds most like you? If you can’t decide form the descriptions, take a look at the Wet Seal’s Crush online, and let us know which ones you like best.

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