Miranda Cosgrove and Chloë Moretz on-set in the Drew Barrymore directed Best Coast Supervideo for 'Our Deal' (Image Credit: Estevan Oriol / MTV)

MTV has finally put ‘music’ back into Music Television

Miranda Cosgrove and Chloë Moretz on-set in the Drew Barrymore directed Best Coast Supervideo for 'Our Deal' (Image Credit: Estevan Oriol / MTV)

Miranda Cosgrove and Chloë Moretz on-set in the Drew Barrymore directed Best Coast Supervideo for ‘Our Deal’ (Image Credit: Estevan Oriol / MTV)

Once upon a time, there was a popular cable channel that essentially put the music video trend on the pop-culture map, featuring videos like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Kriss Kross’s “Jump,”  and Britney’s “Oops, I Did It Again!” Although segments like MTV Jams were a huge hit, ultimately MTV chose to go in a different direction, replacing music videos with reality shows like Sixteen and Pregnant and Jersey Shore.

Now, MTV has gotten back into the groove of what brought it fame with the series entitled, Supervideo. The video series is turning out to be a variety of incredibly expensive productions for popular music artists, starring big-name, young stars. For example, “Cups” singer, Anna Kendrick and Kickass’s Chloe Moretz have played leading roles in music videos for LCD Soundsystem and Best Coast.

It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten quality music videos with narrative and creative visuals. Here are some videos to check out.

“Our Deal” by Best Coast

“Our Deal” by Best Coast was one of the very first videos to air as apart of the series. The song itself, is a hip tune with tales of romance and rivalry. The ten-minute video is somewhat reminiscent of S.E. Hinton’s novel, The Outsiders. It features a similar rivalry but with a twist – the Day Trotters against the Night Creepers. If that didn’t get you interested, the cast includes a long list of stars including, Miranda Cosgrove, Chloe Moretz, Childish Gambino, Shailene Woodley, and Teen Wolf’s, Tyler Posey. The video has a great modern and retro flare and not to mention it was directed by Hollywood’s own Drew Barrymore.

“Go Outside” by Cults

Yet another retro tale of romance, “Go Outside” by Cults has an airy and playful vibe. The story starts when a girl comes through the television screen into a man’s apartment. From there the two embark on an adventure around the city. The couple you ask? Another great pair of actors: Emma Roberts and Dan Franco (yes, James Franco’s little brother).

“Claudia Lewis” by M83

While it may follow the retro trend, “Claudia Lewis” by M83 conveys a sort of Twilight vibe. A blue-haired Lilly Collins (The Blindside) walks the hallways of high school alongside Awkward’s Ashley Rickard. But it seems to be more than another high school story as Collins’ mysterious powers start to unveil.

These videos definitely have made the right strides in returning to the era of quality music videos people can talk about the next day. But we’ve got to ask: it is too late? Have we lost this generation in a world that turns on the television just to watch catty girls argue over guys or unfortunately naïve characters carry out decade-long relationships with people they’ve only met through Facebook accounts? The verdict is still out. But if the series keeps kicking out creative concepts with recognizable faces, it may be safe to say that all is not lost for this generation.

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