DIY Golden Snitch Ornaments by Tiny Apartment Crafts

DIY Golden Snitch Ornament by Tiny Apartment Crafts
DIY Golden Snitch Ornament (Image Credit: Tiny Apartment Crafts)

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, behold: the perfect excuse to throw a Harry Potter holiday party. Round up your closest friends, kick back with a frothy mug of butter beer and get crafting on these adorable DIY Golden Snitch Ornaments, brought to you by Tiny Apartment Crafts. Perfect for distributing as gifts to friends and family. The best part is that anybody can appreciate these golden snitches, not only Harry Potter fans. They’re festive and gorgeous and go well with any Christmas ornaments and decorations.

All you need are golden ornaments, glitter (fairy dust would also work), wire, paint, a hot glue gun and parchment paper, and perhaps a magic wand. This DIY is easily adaptable as well, in case you want to make some matching flying keys, like the ones Harry encounters on his way to retrieve the Sorcerer’s Stone. So there you have the perfect DIY for this December! Check it out at Tiny Apartment Crafts!

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