Osric Chau as Kevin in SUPERNATURAL (Image Credit: CW)

Calling all ‘Supernatural’ fans: We’re ready to talk about Kevin.

Osric Chau as Kevin in SUPERNATURAL (Image Credit: CW)

Osric Chau as Kevin in SUPERNATURAL (Image Credit: CW)

Brothers and sisters from my Supernatural family, we’ve had a very rough couple of days. The mid-season finale, “Holy Terror,” has left us bruised, battered and broken, what with the rise of Gadreel and Metatron, the semi-return of Angel!Castiel and Dean’s trademark OPT (one perfect tear, for those who don’t know) sliding down his scruffy cheek in the last moments of the episode.

But nothing, nothing has left us more destroyed than the loss of Kevin Tran, Advanced Placement.

Let’s be honest, none of us could talk about his demise immediately following the episode. But now we’ve all had some time to process, grieve, deny everything and then semi-accept that this tragedy has occured. So we’ve come to the point where we’re ready to talk about Kevin.

It’s hard to say why the smart, nerdy kid who dreamed of being the first Asian-American president grabbed our heartstrings so tightly from the first moment he appeared on screen. Maybe it was his floppy hair or his cello. Maybe it was his panicked “What’s happening?!” that made us want to wrap him in hugs forever.

But I think what made us love Kevin Tran (and by extension the wonderfully-squishable Osric Chau) was the pieces of ourselves we saw within him. Kevin was the ordinary teenager with big dreams, too much homework and a whole mess of pressure on his shoulders, something that most of us could relate to when we were his age. And unlike the Winchesters, Harvelles, Bobby and a vast majority of the other Supernatural characters we’ve come to love, Kevin reacted to his introduction into the realm of weird much like we all probably would – blind panic with a side of sarcasm and horrible nutritional habits to wash it all down.

In the short time Kevin was on the show, he not only became Sam and Dean’s family, but he became ours too. And we hated seeing him get the end that he, of all people, deserved the least.

But if there’s one thing that will help console our broken hearts during this tragic time within the Supernatural fandom, it’s that sometimes death just doesn’t stick. Sure, Kevin might come back as a ghost, a heavenly occupant or even as a full blown resurrected human, but the point is that there’s always hope he’ll be back.

As Dorothy says, “You’re not a real hunter until you’ve died and come back again.”

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