Holiday Cocktails (Image Credit: Ingrid Balabanova)

The Best Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Holiday Cocktails (Image Credit: Ingrid Balabanova)

Holiday Cocktails (Image Credit: Ingrid Balabanova)

Tis the season to be jolly, but sometimes that cheerful Christmas feeling can be hard to obtain – and maintain. Super stores are bringing out the Christmas lights and drenching their aisles in red and green before the Halloween candy has cleared the shelves. Even the perkiest of Christmas lovers can catch a case of the “Bah, humbugs!” sometimes. So what’s the best way to cure Scrooge fever? With a little bit of holiday spirits.

The Grinch

This bright green drink should really help you get in the Christmas mood. It’s a sweet drink that has a melon flavor. If you are feeling creative, you can dip the rim in red sugar to make it a little more Christmas-like. Great for date nights at home, parties, or a night you’ve reserved all for yourself. Just pour it into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake it up, and strain into a cocktail glass of your choosing (but recommend a martini glass for a classier feel). Get the recipe here.

Mistletoe Bellini

Just a twist on a standard Bellini, but for the berry lovers. This deep red drink is perfect for trying to impress that special someone, and maybe give you that extra boost of confidence to meet them under the mistletoe. The Mistletoe Bellini is the perfect addition to a romantic date at home, or for the celebration of a special date (like birthday’s or anniversaries). Get the recipe here.

Spiked Hot Apple Cider

There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of apple cider to keep you warm during the holiday seasons, but this one has a bit of a kick. It’s everything you love about your traditional apple cider but with some apple-flavored brandy thrown in. Just combine all the ingredients into a pot and simmer for as long as you see fit, then strain it into a heatproof pitcher and enjoy to your hearts content. Get the recipe here.

Bailey’s Peppermint Cream

There isn’t anything quite like a hot cup of apple cider, except for the delicious taste of hot chocolate. Great for an after dinner treat as this sweet drink makes the perfect dessert. Just choose your favorite hot chocolate recipe, throw in some mint-flavored alcohol and top with whip cream to finish it off – the perfect holiday treat splurge. Get the recipe here.

Poinsettia Mimosas

The best part about this drink is how easy it is make for anyone of any age. Although the original recipe is made with alcohol, the non-alcoholic substitutes make for an equally as good tasting child-safe drink. The poinsettia red drink is made with champagne, maraschino cherry juice and cranberry juice, which makes for a refreshing dinner party drink. Get the recipe here.

This holiday season, if you don’t feel like it’s your thing to deck the halls with boughs of holly, it might be time for some rest and relaxation. Kick back and cozy up with any one of this holiday-themed drinks, and you’ll being feeling festive in no time.

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