GAP (Image Credit: FuFu Wolf)

Gap unveils a new reserve in store shopping option

GAP (Image Credit: FuFu Wolf)

GAP (Image Credit: FuFu Wolf)

Do you ever find the perfect thing online but then you get nervous because what if it doesn’t fit? I would guess this happens to more than just me. I do not trust myself with a blind purchase of pants and dresses, but GAP has the solution! Now at select Gap and Banana Republic stores you can have items held for you that you’ve found on the internet.

How does it work? Once you’ve found an item you want to be held in the store for you there is a FIND IT NOW blue button. After you click on that, you’ll get to choose your store from a list. There will be a RESERVE IN STORE button next to a location. Once picked, an email will confirm with instructions for how to pick up your reserved items. If you like them, and they fit, you can buy in the store. Voila!

As of now you can only reserve five items per day; choose wisely. The upside is that the limit is per brand. So you could reserve five from Gap and five from Banana Republic. Once pieces are confirmed on hold they are only reserved until the end of the following business day. The other bummer is that Chicago and San Francisco stores are the only ones trying this new program out for the time being. However I’m sure if it goes well, the idea will spread.

I really like this idea. This is the kind of thing that makes shopping for non-shoppers easy. I don’t like the endless in store browsing. I don’t like lines. A system like this caters to my love of the easy online shopping life. There’s not hunting this way. I can go straight in, double check that I love it in three-dimensions and be done.

It is important to note two very big specifications. One, final prices are by what the physical store price is. Fancy website discounts do not factor in. Fortunately though, it’s always free shipping this way; wink-wink. The second big thing is that not everything available online can be reserved to try on in the store. The Frequently Asked Questions Gap page says that “online exclusives, extended sizes, and select styles are not available.” To me that’s the biggest bummer. I want to be able to try on the really cool thing I found online that my store doesn’t have in stock.

If this new program ever expands out to Texas, I’m completely on board. I can imagine picking clothes out for my Mom (she hates picking patterns and figuring out what coordinates) and then her just having to go in and try things on. That would be the ultimate shopping experience for her.

What do you think of Gap’s reserve online and ready in store program?

Image courtesy of FuFu Wolf
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