Office Holiday Party (Image Credit: Tal Revivo)

5 Things you shouldn’t do at your office holiday party

Office Holiday Party (Image Credit: Tal Revivo)

Office Holiday Party (Image Credit: Tal Revivo)

The holiday season has officially arrived and for those with jobs, a relaxing break is definitely due. As the days off from work are fast approaching, so is the annual company holiday party! In the same way that family and friends recognize the holidays with a celebration, the workplace does too.

Office parties can certainly serve as a good time what with all the opportunities to bond with your boss and socialize with your fellow employees. However, the company holiday party is the last social event before everyone in the office departs and you definitely don’t want to start off a new year by having made a bad last impression in the previous one.

Start off the season by giving a gift to yourself, the gift of knowing the top 5 things you should never do at your company holiday party:

Get Into the Holiday Spirit, Not the Holiday Spirits

Like most parties, alcohol will be served. The question is, should you partake? If you really feel the need, limit yourself to just one drink. The effects of alcohol are unpredictable and unpredictable behavior is not ideal at a company event. Don’t create a situation for yourself where you’re forever known as the drunk employee who knocked over the Christmas tree at the holiday party.

Gossip Be Gone

At a party, it’s easy to get personal with your coworkers; see who has the inside story on the internal workings of the office. Just keep in mind that you work with these people. Gossip spreads fast; at any time it can be easily circulated around the office and traced back to you. You don’t want to be remembered as the employee who bad-mouthed a VIP or tried to get the scoop on who will receive a holiday bonus.

Dress For a Party, Not For Partying

Making your way into the company party, you see some friends, food, decor, and—oh look, your boss! As you can probably guess, this is not the time to wear provocative clothing. That means that any low-cut mesh top, ragged jeans, mini skirt or anything you may consider wearing to a dive bar or club is ill-advised. This may be a social event but it’s a professional one too so, please, look the part.

Don’t Be a Grinch

I know you’re probably very stressed from work but, oddly enough, a work party is not the place to complain about it. One of the last things anyone wants at a holiday party is negativity. This is one of the few times of year where coworkers don’t have to think about the stress of work and can just enjoy the people they work with. The holidays are known to be “merry and bright” so don’t spend the party as a ‘scrooge’.

Jokes Can Be Told…But With Taste!

Regardless of who at the office understands your humor and knows your personality, be constantly aware of what you say at a company affair. You mustn’t go around using foul language and telling inappropriate stories. Anyone of importance in earshot could hear something they consider offensive. From then on, your coworkers may feel uncomfortable working with someone who, they believe, likes to tell crude jokes or swears too much. Remember, what may be appropriate to you may not be to others. Censor yourself.

Once you have these five major DONT’S covered, all you should be left with is a great evening filled with holiday cheer! It may be easy to make mistakes but it’s just as easy to not make any at all! The point of parties in the workplace is to bring the company together and celebrate all the hard work. Just think of it as a jolly way to begin the ending of a great year. Happy Holidays!


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