Handmade Fifty Shades of Grey Christian Grey and Ana Steele Theme Ornament (Image Credit: Kabjewelrydesign)

Unofficial ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Inspired Gifts

Handmade Fifty Shades of Grey Christian Grey and Ana Steele Theme Ornament (Image Credit: Kabjewelrydesign)

Handmade Fifty Shades of Grey Christian Grey and Ana Steele Theme Ornament (Image Credit: Kabjewelrydesign)

Baby clothes. My Little Pony. Christmas trees. What do these three things have in common?

Bet you didn’t say Fifty Shades of Grey.

With the fast approaching release of our favorite smutty novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, on the silver screen, the excitement and anticipation for the movie just keeps growing bigger and bigger—and so does the market for some “interesting” unofficial Fifty Shades of Grey inspired products you have to see to believe.

Here are our top 5 personal faves:

Onesies that reveal mom was probably thinking of Christian

These 50 Shades of Grey Baby Onesies will make for some great, tender baby photos. The poor kids are falling victim to our fandom. At least they can crawl around in blissful ignorance for now before they learn how to read the words on their onesie!

My Little Grey Pony… because why not?

I definitely wasn’t expecting a ’50 Shades of Grey’ My Little Pony when I googled Fifty + Shades + of + Grey + products. This handmade limited edition beauty is selling for $40.00 USD on Etsy. It hasn’t sold yet but I’d say it’s only a matter of time…

A Good Gag (& not the kind you’re thinking of!)

50 Shades of Brown Book and Toilet Paper is guaranteed to be the sexiest bathroom read ever. It even comes with its own toilet paper roll to DIY or ‘decorate yourself’. This could actually make a pretty good gag gift jab at your girlfriend’s Fifty Shades of Grey obsession.

Learn to Spank Your Chicken (again, probably not what you’re thinking)

And in case you were wondering how to prepare a seductively delicious chicken… I’ve got the perfect guide for you. Fifty Shades of Chicken was allegedly approved for publishing shortly after the release of the actual novel. The table of contents includes dishing up ‘Dripping Thighs’, ‘Sticky Chicken Fingers’, ‘Bacon-Bound Wings’, and ‘Mustard Spanked Chicken’. Err… yum?

Decorate your ‘Red Room’

In the holiday spirit here are some sexy gingerbread Fifty Shades of Grey Christmas Ornaments. I have to say these are pretty adorable by themselves. But hanging them on your Christmas tree? Santa just might write you up on his naughty list. Err… you could take that either way. And of course, you can go with the more literal take and scoop up this ornament featuring the soon to be stars of the film.

And an honorable mention…

Chicago’s Winter Wonderfest 2014 showcased a  Fifty Shades of Grey Christmas tree. Designed by Ivan Carlson, it was decked in grey paint chips, ornaments numbered 1 to 50, and… handcuffs. Soon after it was displayed (and the organizers finally figured out what the theme of the tree was) it was pulled from the winter festival. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own Fifty Shades tree (especially if you scoop up the ornaments above).

The intensity of the Fifty Shades of Grey fandom just keeps growing and growing- so don’t be too surprised if you find some of these items stuffed in your stocking this winter!

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