Candy Crush Saga (Image Credit: King)

Know Your Enemy: Tips for Surviving Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga (Image Credit: King)

Candy Crush Saga (Image Credit: King)

I know that some of the hype has died down for Candy Crush, but since there have been two updates to the addictive game in December alone, it’s clear that plenty of people are still playing. Perhaps we’re just doing so a little less publicly than we used to.

With the latest updates giving us 65 Dreamworld levels that seem to be mostly an added difficulty to the same regular levels and a brand new update that brings the web-based version to 515 levels, I thought I might share some of my tips and tricks that allowed me to get through all 500 levels before now.

General tips

Know your objective

I don’t know how many times I’ve played half a round just trying to get all the points that I can, when really I just needed to be getting a certain number of blue circles or something like that. By the time I’ve realized my mistake, I’ve used too many moves to be able to actually get all of the pieces that I need!

Think ahead!

I’ve never been big on chess, probably because I’m not patient enough to actually learn the rules before playing, but when I thought about how I play this game, I pretend that it’s as intellectual as chess. When I make a move, I don’t just swap candies to make one move, I’m looking ahead to see what that move will mean for the pieces around it. Looking for combos and being aware of how it will set me up for special pieces is a huge help.


Maybe the caps weren’t necessary, but those special pieces can mean life or death in the right level. Need more points? Got a bomb you want to get rid of and have a striped candy in the right row or column, kill it!

Use both the mobile and browser versions!

There are some levels that score very differently on my phone than they do when I play through Facebook. Some that seemed almost impossible on one version were a breeze in the other. I can’t claim to fully understand the points all the time, but I do know that they are definitely wracked up differently on occasion, so use that to your advantage!

Don’t refill your lives right away!

So here’s the thing. If I’m playing for a while and I have four lives that my friends have given me and I’m down to only one life left, I might go ahead and accept three of them, giving me four and the timer is still ticking until that last one automatically fills up. Why wouldn’t I have just gone for all of them? Well, because that timer has already been counting down and it will continue to count down as I play through those four lives I now have. I may earn another life while playing! If I had just filled up to five, I would have wasted all the time that I’d already earned toward that refill!

Regarding the BOMBS!

Be aware of where they are and how much time you have left!

When there are bombs on the screen, it’s hard to focus on anything else. And it should be. They are your most immediate threat! While you’ve got to keep your main objective in mind, remember to keep an eye on those bombs.

Sometimes ignore the bombs.

One thing to keep in mind as you’re watching those bombs is when you have fewer moves than the bombs have to explode. If you have a bomb on the screen with 14 moves before it explodes and you have 13 moves left, treat that bomb as though it’s a regular piece. You no longer need to worry about it, freeing up your focus during the home stretch of the level.

I bet you never expected to hate chocolate so much!

Get rid of it right away. There are some rare occurrences in which the chocolate has helped me with bombs by engulfing one just before it will explode, but most of the time it just gets in the way and sometimes even blocks new candy from coming down. If I can get rid of it right away, I go with it!

The flip side to that though, is that you don’t want to become so focused on the chocolate that your level objective gets away from you. Don’t forget that first tip about knowing what you’re after! If you know that you’ve already gotten all the jelly on one side of the screen, don’t worry so much about the chocolate over there, let it build if it means that you can clear the rest of the jelly faster!

I’m off to get those new 15 levels tackled and figure my way through the darkness of Dreamworld. What are your worst levels? If I’ve handled them already, I’ll take a look and see what kind of specific tips I can give!

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