Sandra Bullock in GRAVITY (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

Most Memorable Movie Moments of 2013

Sandra Bullock in GRAVITY (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

Sandra Bullock in GRAVITY (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

Now that we’re officially into 2014, we should recognize that 2013 was a big year for movies, arguably a breakthrough year in cinema; so to recognize that, I’ve concocted a list of the top 6 memorable movie moments from 2013. Perhaps not all of these moments live up to the “breakthrough” adjective listed above, but hey, I’m trying. Warning – spoilers ahead so read at your own risk.

Gravity – An explosion in space

Alfonso Cuaron’s sci-fi film starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney is nothing short of a masterpiece. Not only a powerful story of survival and hope, the film is also a vehicle that shows just how far technology in film has come and how bright its future is. One of the most memorable scenes in the film (and the year for that matter), aside from the startling beginning, has to be the explosion of a shuttle in which Bullock’s character, Dr. Ryan Stone, takes brief refuge. Stone runs into some technical difficulties attempting to control the capsule that add to the sense of fear and dread for the viewer. The number of obstacles and seemingly impossible difficulties Stone faces in the film are almost overwhelming; which is why the film is so dazzling.

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Bilbo meets Smaug

Sure it’s hammy and long-winded at times, but Peter Jackson & Co. have truly outdone themselves with the design of the film’s title character, Smaug. The evil dragon makes his entrance in the third act of the movie, as Bilbo cautiously enters his lair. I found myself intensely gripping the armchairs on my seat, as the dragon, voiced by the awesome Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek into Darkness), is utterly menacing and terrifying.

The Conjuring A game of clap

One of the year’s scariest movies, The Conjuring harkens back to horror films of yesteryear like The Exorcist, with its style and constant sense of dread. The film verifies its terror in many scenes, but one in particular involves a game of hide and seek via clapping hands; a scene also used as the film’s initial trailer.

Blue is the Warmest Color – A climactic argument

Controversy over the films has been pursued by the media since Blue is the Warmest Color premiered at Cannes, and it’s easy to see why. However, the nature of the sex scenes between the title character and her first love only expand upon the sweeping romance and heartbreak in this coming of age story.

Frozen “Let it Go”

Dare I say the story is a little convoluted, but one thing I think most can agree on is the quality of the songs in Disney Animation’s most recent film. Among the tracks and scenes include one that, come awards time, will not be forgotten; “Let it Go”, as its titled, is sung by Broadway vet Idina Menzel as one of two princesses embracing her true self and her transformation accompanied with the catchy song is absolutely  dazzling.

The To-Do List Aubrey Plaza eats poop

This movie about a college-bound introvert who feels the need to become more sexually experienced before heading off is unexpectedly deplorable and hilarious and the gross scene where lifeguard Brandy Clark (played by Plaza) thinks she’s being pranked as she attempts to clean feces out of the pool just opens the door for the above-mentioned adjectives.

Sure, there were plenty of great movies released in 2013 and perhaps there are more equally memorable moments in those films. However, I’ve said my peace, and I can’t wait to rewatch flicks again. Feel free to check them out (but be sure to brace yourselves)!

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